From My Suitcase is a blog about traveling, beauty and culture.

“Why did you choose the combination of traveling, beauty and culture?”
Personally I love to read all sorts of blogs. May it be about fashion, make-up, lifestyle, traveling or cooking. Currently there are a lot of successful blogs out there. Beauty, traveling and cultures are my main interests and at the same time a combination that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

“Didn’t she that say she is Dutch, so why is this blog in English?”
When I started with blogging on a different platform I just wanted my American boyfriend, who at the time didn’t understand Dutch, and other international friends to be able to read my blog. After a while I realized half of my rapidly growing audience came from all over the world. Seeing the amount of people that visited my site everyday made me want to start a more professional blog (no example.blogspot/wordpress/  unfortunately the name I was blogging under back then was already taken all around the web.  Another blogger suggested me to create a new name and migrate to WordPress, and so I did,  continuing in English just seemed natural. What also helped my choice is the fact that most Dutch people under 65 understand English.

“What kind of audience do you have/target?”
My target group is girls between the age of 16 – 35, with a reasonable understanding of English. I however have many readers outside this target group (male, older, younger). Most of my readers come from 1 West-Europe, 2. Unites States, 3. Singapore/South Korea.  My articles, for example my ‘what’s different: Japan beauty‘ one, are written from a European point of view.

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With Love,

Elise Mooijman