I (Elise Mooijman) am the main author and owner of this blog. I’m a Dutch journalist/student with a love for beauty, traveling and different cultures. I started blogging as a way to keep my friends and family updated about my whereabouts whenever I’m traveling – which I tend to do quite a bit – especially when gone for longer periods of time. I’ve lived in Kyoto Japan, Seoul South-Korea and did a three-month-long internship in the USA. Writing in English seemed like a logical step as I wanted as reach out to as many people – and friends that I met along the way including my American boyfriend Chris – as possible.

While traveling is an important part of my life I’m also very passionate about beauty, cultures and fashion. All these passions are combined into this blog. Think about the differences in beauty ideals between Europe (The Netherlands) and Japan, outfit pictures shot in true Wisconsin winter weather and a review about my favorite Korean lip balm. And it goes without saying that I also write articles about just traveling alone; bringing me next to all the lovely women that read this blog, quite a large base of silent – not commenting – male readers.


While writing is my biggest passion studying Journalism also sparked my interest for film. Nowadays a blog without visual elements, is a dead blog. My boyfriend Chris is the one that most of the time adds those visual elements to my posts. He is an amazing photographer and is also starting to branch out into filming. Most of the time I come up with the concept of a video or photo shoot and Chris executes it. You could say that we make quite a good combo.

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