Opening Shoeby Flaship Store The Hague

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve shopped at Shoeby, a Dutch fashion store. Knowing this you could probably imagine how excited I was when I got invited to attend the opening of the Shoeby Flagship Store in The Hague. Come along as I show you around this gorgeous store where you can not only shop with the help of a personal shopper, but also sit down for a cup of coffee in the Shoeby Barista Cafe or have your clothes customized in the workshop on the top floor.

Shoeby Flagship store Den Haag
The owner of Shoeby, Mieke van Deursen, gave a lovely speech at the start of the event. She opened her first ever Shoeby store when she was only 19 years old. Nowadays Shoeby has more then 250 stores throughout The Netherlands and Belgium.

Here the lovely Kirsty from and I just had our makeup touched up at the BE Creative counter, a Dutch cosmetics brand, inside the Shoeby Flaship Store. We were given an eucalyptus scented foaming shower gel from BE Creative in our goodie bag (see unboxing video at the bottom of this post!).

I was very surprised to see how affordable Shoeby is. The Shoeby in my town is a franchise that sells other, more expensive brands, together with Shoeby’s own brand, so I was blown away when I found out that almost all items in the Shoeby Flagship Store where under €50,-! Even thick woolen sweaters! 

Also in attendance were Larissa and Tara Verbon from They have an awesome fashion style (their posts are in both English and Dutch) and are the little sisters from Serena Verbon (

The Shoeby Flagship Store is four stories high. In The Netherlands we would say it has three floors though, because the first floor is counted as zero. Moving right along to the second floor with Kirsten from and Kirsty!

Shoeby Flagship store mannenafdeling
Shoeby men
On the second floor you can find the men’s department, more women’s clothes and the kids department. A couple days after the opening I took my boyfriend Chris to the Shoeby Flagship store. He absolutely loved what he saw, but unfortunately we were in a rush (Christmas shopping…) so we didn’t have time to try anything on. We are definitely going back though as we live in the The Hague area and go to the city centre all the time.

barista cafe shoeby
On the third floor is the Shoeby Barista Cafe. I’m super happy with this lovely cafe , not just because it’s great to take a break from shopping, but also because there was no coffee place in this street of The Hague before! The whole area was kind of lacking cafes so the Shoeby Barista Cafe is very welcome.

Ran into fashionista Nadia from Nadia V. Her boyfriend and I know each other through a mutual friend, but I had never met Nadia in real life. Isn’t she super pretty? Definitely check out her blog, her outfits are super fun and edgy.

Serena Verbon Beautylab
Hanging out with the gorgeous Serena Verbon from, who was of course also taking pictures for her blog! Her blog is in Dutch, but I recommend taking a look even if you don’t speak Dutch because Serena takes amazing product pictures! And if you search for my name on her blog you’ll find the articles I wrote for her a while ago!

The workshop of the Shoeby Flagship store can be found on the top floor. Here you can customize any item. They also offer a laser service that can print basically anything on any item! All bloggers got a bag or T-shirt laser printed (which you can see in my unboxing video down below). I absolutely love that Shoeby decided to add this workshop to their store. I’m a skinny, but curvy girl (hourglass) which sometimes makes finding a nice cocktail dress hard as my waist is significantly smaller then my hips. At the Shoeby store my dress could be tailored right away!

Overall I’m super happy with the Flagship Store in The Hague or Den Haag like we say in Dutch. I will definitely go there often to shop and have a cup of coffee!


All bloggers received a goodie bag and a €50,- giftcard. Find out what I all got by watching my goodie bag unboxing video! Thank you Shoeby for the amazing evening. 

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

12 Responses to Opening Shoeby Flaship Store The Hague

  1. Linda says:

    Oh wat ziet de store er prachtig uit! Ik kom ook graag bij Shoeby en kan niet wachten om deze winkel een bezoekje te brengen. Mooie foto’s en je was zo te zien in goed gezelschap!

    • TheBeautySuitcase says:

      Absoluut! Altijd weer gezellig om de andere bloggers te zien :D! En dankjewel voor het lieve complimentje!

  2. Emmy says:

    Ik ben al in geen jaren meer bij Shoeby geweest maar ik zie wel een paar leuke items voorbijkomen op de foto’s en in je video. Gauw weer eens een kijkje gaan nemen!

    • TheBeautySuitcase says:

      Thanks! Ze verkopen bij deze Flagship Store alleen eigen merkt en dat is echt hartstikke leuk en fashionable. Neem zeker een keer een kijkje zou ik zeggen!

  3. bymarlayne says:

    Wat leuk dat je bij de opening was!

  4. Kirsty says:

    Wat een leuk artikel heb je ervan gemaakt! Zo leuk ook om mijzelf terug te zien in je verslag 🙂 De unboxing video vind ik echt een leuke toevoeging!

    • TheBeautySuitcase says:

      Thanks Kirsty! Ben blij dat je de foto’s van jou ook leuk vindt 😀 Vond jouw unboxing ook heel leuk!

  5. Nadia says:

    Een super leuk artikel! Je foto’s zijn ook heel mooi allemaal! Was leuk je even te spreken daar!!

    Veel liefs,

    xxx Nadia V

    • TheBeautySuitcase says:

      Dankjewel lieverd! Vond het ook super leuk om jou te zien. Ik ga zo even jouw verslag van de opening lezen :D!

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