NEW IN: Leather Wallet Phone Case

A good phone case is a must nowadays, but changing my case on a daily basis to match my outfit is not really my thing. Mainly because I prefer a classic piece in a natural color that will go with anything and lasts forever, but also because cases for a Samsung Galaxy Note can be quite expensive.

In Korea I discovered smartphone cases that double up as a wallet; I was hooked. For example when my boyfriend Chris and I go to see a movie I like to just bring my essentials: phone, ID, debit/credit card and something like my Starbucks stamp card or cinema card. It’s nice when you only need to watch one item. If a smartphone case doesn’t have this ‘wallet’ feature it’s a no go for me. It makes me feel so free when all I have in the pocket of my coat is my phone!

Just when my old phone case started to break down, an online Dutch smartphone case retailer, asked me to try out one of their cases. I had a really bad experience with the previous webshop I ordered from, so I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to order a case for my Galaxy Note II online again. Luckily I had nothing to worry about: my case is made of real leather, is super sturdy and the plastic casing shows no crack even after dropping my phone, and neither does my phone. To make a long story short: I’m extremely happy with my new EMF cell phone case.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 11/10/2014 / 09:45

    Nice blog post. Good to read this post. We all love our smartphones and life seems incomplete without it. Most people these days own a smartphone and no matter what smartphone of you, you also need to take care of it as smartphones are delicate and are not sturdy as the phones that we used in the past. So, along with our smartphones we also tend to buy smartphone wallets, so that our phone is saved from dust, moisture or any kind of accidents.

  2. 27/09/2014 / 09:23

    Dankje! Mijn vriend maakt ze, helemaal vergeten er bij te zetten!

  3. 27/09/2014 / 07:25

    Ahhh wat een pretty hoesje! Prachtige foto’s heb je ook gemaakt!

    • 27/09/2014 / 09:23

      Dankje! Mijn vriend maakt ze, helemaal vergeten er bij te zetten!

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