Parisian Inception

Pont de Bir-Hakeim, possibly better known to some as ‘that bridge out of the movie Inception’, is probably one of the most popular bridges for photoshoots in all of Paris. No matter how cliché, I still wanted to shoot at … Read More

5 Awesome (Veggie) Places To Eat In London

Looking for a place to eat in London that also offers vegetarian and vegan options? I found five places where you can brunch or dine until your heart’s content! Places with a plant-based menu often get very creative with food options … Read More

Touristing Around London – Part II

Make yourself comfortable and maybe grab a cup of tea with a biscuit. No better way to enjoy a post about London, right? In Part I of ‘Touristing Around London’ you could read how I took my ‘in-laws’ from the … Read More

Love food trucks? Go to Camden Lock London

When it comes down to food nothing, besides brunch maybe, makes me more excited than food trucks. Tucked away between several buildings you’ll find Camden Lock Market, where vendors from all over the world are selling the most delicious street … Read More

Touristing around London – Part I

Usually I like visiting little cafes and ‘undiscovered’ spots when on a city trip, but this time we did it the tourist way. I mean, do you even have a choice when your ‘in-laws’ come over from the United States? … Read More

5 Places to Visit in the UK + Announcement

I might have been watching a little too many Zoella videos or reading the Daily Mail a bit too often, because I’m currently OBSESSED with looking at holiday destinations/things to do in the United Kingdom. It might also have something … Read More

Cold Spring Day

Unfortunately, here on the Western side of Europe the lovely spring weather we’ve been having has turned gloomy again. My to-go-to outfit during these days is my striped turtleneck top from H&M paired with my favorite ripped black jeans from … Read More

Alsace France | Travel Diaries

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, get comfortable and enjoy a new travel post, this time coming to you in the form of a photo diary about Alsace, France! At the beginning of this year I went on a little road … Read More

In Full Bloom

What do you do when you’ve brought mainly summer clothes with you on holiday and it turns out to be a little colder than expected? Right, you use your boyfriend’s clothes. This light-weight woolen jumper Chris got from Asos is … Read More