My Top Three Vlogging Families

Some people have their favorite TV shows, I have my favorite vlogging families on Youtube. Especially when I’m very busy like now I love to watch daily vlogs whenever I take a break or at the end of the evening … Read More

#personal – First Week in University

Reality is finally starting to settle in: the holidays are over and I am back in school after half a year of freelancing and taking it fairly easy. Work, school and the blog are unfortunately all very busy at the … Read More

Snowmobiling in Wisconsin

Flying over snow covered trails, seeing wild life on big open fields and feeling the wind blow through your hair. That sums up my first snowmobiling experience in a nutshell. Like every year my boyfriend Chris and I flew to … Read More

The Netherlands: Maastricht

The capitol of the Dutch province Limburg is Maastricht. It’s a very old city. You will definitely like Maastricht if you love cities that have a medieval feel to them. I personally love feeling like I’ve gone back in time, … Read More

The Netherlands: Valkenburg

You thought that The Netherlands is flat? Think again! We actually do have some hills (mountains in my opinion haha!). My boyfriend Chris and I visited the province Maastricht, in which most of the Dutch hills are located. We stayed … Read More

Heartwarming Stories & Videos #2

Reading a newspaper (or news site) makes you feel down more often then it cheers you up. But sometimes you come across a rare feel-good story. In my ‘Heartwarming Stories & Videos’ posts I share with you the heartwarming stories … Read More

[REVIEW] – Ziaja Goat’s Milk Line

Goat’s milk good for your skin? I had never heard of it before attending the Ziaja event in The Hague. At the event I got to pick out ten products. A consultant recommended the Goat’s Milk Line for my dry skin. In … Read More

#personal – Christmas in the USA

I can’t believe our holiday to the United States is already over and that we’ve been back in The Netherlands for almost a week now! My boyfriend Chris and I went to the USA for Christmas to visit his family … Read More

[OUTFIT] – Winter Chic with a Funky Twist

Winter has officially kicked in! After a couple days of snow, a frosty wind is now ruling over The Netherlands making it hard to dress stylishly! For this outfit I combined a classic black hat and coat with a warm … Read More