[REVIEW] – KIKO MILANO Unlimited Stylo

KIKO MILANO is a brand that I first discovered while on holiday in Italy. I was walking through the scenic town of Bergamo (imagine walking in a hand painted postcard) during Christmas time and all of a sudden this tiny … Read More

Valencia Travel Report

My boyfriend Chris and I were invited by our Spanish friend Marti to visit him in Spain last month. Marti lives near Valencia and gave us a tour of this lovely coast town. Come along as we visit the City … Read More

Ziaja Skincare Event in The Hague

Good morning, evening, whatever it may be where you are! Last week I went to Ziaja‘s blogger event hosted by Dutch beauty blogger Serena Verbon in Den Haag aka The Hague. Ziaja is an amazing budget skincare brand from Poland … Read More

[REVIEW] – Beyoncé Midnight Heat

The festive season is about to kick-off. A lovely dress, jewelry and bag are all essentials for a night out on town, and so is the right perfume. Midnight Heat by Beyoncé, given to me by my boyfriend Chris for … Read More

Heartwarming Stories & Videos

Reading a newspaper (or news site) makes you feel down more often then it cheers you up. But sometimes you come across a rare feel-good story. Lately I’ve seen a lot of heartwarming stories (the ones that make you tear … Read More

[OUTFIT] – Bordeaux with a Touch of London

I always try to challenge myself to wear colors during autumn and winter. I have a lot of black, brown and grey, which is nice but can sometimes become a bit boring. Bordeaux (or Oxblood) is one of my favorite … Read More

[TRAVEL] An American in Bermuda

Bermuda, isn’t that where all those planes and boats disappear? Kristin is an American expat that lives in Bermuda, a little island in the North Atlantic Ocean. In this edition of Travel Thursday guest-blogger Kristin tells you what it’s like to live … Read More

I’m feeling 22!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 ♫ ♪ ♬ ~ ! Welcome to the first full day of my life as a 22-year-old! I turned 22 yesterday at around ±18:30. I must say that I don’t feel very different, but … Read More

[REVIEW] Rimmel London 60 Seconds

The 60 Seconds nail polish line by Rimmel London is AMAZING. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever been this enthusiastic about a nail polish line before. This oath review is written by one of the worst nail painters in history: I … Read More