15 Quick Questions for Elise Mooijman | Embarrassing nickname, reincarnation wishes & more

My embarrassing nickname? My favorite city trip? And do I prefer heels or sneakers? You can find the answers to all these questions and more in the latest article I wrote as a guest editor for Dutch lifestyle platform Tête-à-Tête. Good news for you that do not speak Dutch: here on my blog you can read the English version. 

Because sometimes you only need a few questions to get to know somebody. We are dying to know somebody else’s speed dial numbers, nick names and reincarnation wishes. After Hajar this time it is guest editor Elise’s turn.

1. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you got up this morning?
“Blegh, I still have to make my lunch.”

2. Heals or sneakers?
“Heals! I don’t wear them often, because with a height of 1.80m (5 ft 11) I tower over most people. But sneakers just aren’t my cup of tea.”

3. You favorite brand?
“I adore Timberland boots, and if money were to grow on a tree I’d probably empty out the entire Maje webshop.”

4. Your favorite city trip?
“I lived for one month in Kyot, when the boyfriend temporarily lived there. I doesn’t really count as a ‘city trip’, but this geisha paradise is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been.”

5. The last book you’ve read?
“That’s funny, just like my colleague Hajar the last book that I’ve read is ‘On Life’ by Anna Nooshin.”

P12606876. What do you do most: cook your own meals, order in or eat out?
“Cook my own meals! I’d love to eat out every day, but for one reason or another my wallet does not seem to share my passion.”

7. Who’s numbers do you have on speed dial?
“I don’t tend to use speed dials, but if my call history counts it would be my parents, boyfriend and grandpa.”

8. Bring it on, your nickname.
“There they come…. My American boyfriend calls me ‘Dutchie’ and my dad calls me ‘Puk’.

9. You don’t leave the door without…
“My helmet! Most of the time I instantly jump onto my beloved Vespa as soon as I leave the house.”

10. What chore do you absolutely despise doing?
“I absolutely despise vacuum cleaning, because of the noise that thing makes. Apart from that I also dislike doing laundry. Or dishes. Actually, I just don’t like doing house hold chores in general!”

11. What is your favorite body part?
“I’m quite pleased with my waist.”

12. Which guilty pleasure song can be found in your playlist?
“Multiple songs by the Bee Gees. While dancing to ‘Night Fever’, the dishes seem to be cleaned much faster.”

13. Picture this: if you were to reincarnate as a pizza/drink/ice cream what flavor would you pick?
“A chai latte! Sweet with a kick to it!

14. What is the worst gift you ever received?
“A box full of nonsense from Primark. I much rather have one very small, but useful present.”

15. Is there something you would like to share?
“I want to thank our dear Tête-à-Tête readers for the great reactions on my first artikel for the platform about five hot spots in Delft. You guys are awesome!

Elise is a blogger, crazy cat lady, freelance journalist, travel addict and head over heels in love with an American that shoots some awesome photos, that comes in handy! Read more about her on her blog frommysuitcase.com or take al ook at her Instagram-account.

Photos: Chris Reichard

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