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Delft kitty

Writing magazine articles, blogging and studying math pretty much soms up my past two weeks. Of course I also did some fun things and like always took my camera along to snap picture of it. Take a look at my life in pictures.


Dutchie in Church Baptism Catholic Church Netherlands

The baby of my cousin – whom I usually refer to as my cousin as well – got baptized into the Catholic church. He looked so cute getting water poured over his head and didn’t cry at all. He must be one of the easiest going baby’s I know!


Blogging The Beauty Suitcase

Coffee with Indian Sweets
My boyfriend Chris snapped this picture of me being hard at work for The Beauty Suitcase! Things have been going really well lately and I’m getting more and more into the swing of blogging at least four times a week! Of course you’ve got to have a cup of coffee and some Indian sweets (some of my favorite treats hands down!) when working hard!


Delft Stadhuis Ice cream Delft
The little town of Delft. Ever since Chris moved back here you can almost find me wandering the streets of Delft every day. I have to say that I have to be in Delft a lot for work too.

Home & Kitties

explaining dad about tablet
Explaining my dad about his new tablet he got for when he travels for work. A lot of people say he looks really young, someone literally thought he used to be a teen dad, but when it comes down to technology….

Pretty Black and White European Short Hair European Short Hair cat sleeping scared kitty Selfie Fail

These days I’ve also been home a lot. I need to do an intake test for my premaster which unfortunately involves math, something I haven’t done in ages. Luckily I’ve got many engineers and technical students around me, all whom have been incredible with helping me. I can do it!


Amsterdam Dam Square

And then my Macbook charger broke down – burned through – so I had to travel to Amsterdam for a replacement. In Delft they don’t have a ‘genius bar’ and you can only get stuff like this done at the spot at a genius bar. So Amsterdam it was! Love love love all the pigeons on the Dam Square.

Every McDonalds around the world has a different menu. Here in the Netherlands we have the McKROKET. I can best explain it as minced meat in a thick creamy saus with a crunchy outside on a sweet bun. It’s heaven on earth and according to my American boyfriend EVERY McDonalds should serve this bun!

Cut of My Hair

My braid cut off Long Bob

Last week I also decided to chop of my hair for charity! I’ve had really long hair for over seven years and before I cut it my hair, it was the longest it had ever been. I had always wanted to donate hair so I decided that this was it: I was just going to do it. I didn’t tell my boyfriend Chris about it and filmed his reaction to my short hair. Curious? Click HERE!

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my daily life. If you want to see want I’m up to first hand follow me on Instagram!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman



  1. 01/08/2014 / 11:14

    Those big eyes on your cat lol, never even heard of the McKROKET but it looks good , my mom hates technology- she couldn’t even handle the tv remote controller and again nice going with donating your hair.

  2. 30/07/2014 / 06:06

    I always when bloggers post things like this… It is nice to take a peak into their lives outside of the fashion or whatever they blog about. Your pictures look so sweet and I hope you’re keeping busy:)
    xo Olivia

  3. 29/07/2014 / 13:35

    really nice to read this, you should be proud that you cut your hair off and donated it! xo

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