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  • closed – [GIVEAWAY] Mustache Jewelry!

    closed – [GIVEAWAY] Mustache Jewelry!

    Who doesn’t love some cute mustache jewelry pieces? Wel I sure do! I am giving away two rings and one necklace! Want to know how to win these? Read further!

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    #Personal – In the hospital during midterms

    #Personal – In the hospital during midterms

    Ziekenhuis As you can see from the date of my previous post I haven’t been active on The Beauty Suitcase the past month and a half at all. Currently I’m in Seoul South Korea as an international student. A few weeks ago, one week before my midterms, I went on this field trip to the South East of South Korea to this beautiful town called Gyeongju. There I got really sick, so sick that the morning after we got back to Seoul, I had to rush to the hospital where I got admitted to the ER with a fever of 40,1 C. For the people that don’t follow this blog/know me personally; I’ll explain a lot about Korean hospitals in this entry (skip to paragraph elven).

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