[REVIEW] – Ziaja Gingerbread Shower Soap

Like smelling like a baked good? Yes? I found you the perfect shower goodie: gingerbread shower soap by Ziaja. This soft and creamy shower gel actually smells like gingerbread men and is perfect for the holidays. Continue reading to find out more about this little white bottle, but be warned: the price might really shock you.

I picked up this gingerbread shower soap at the Ziaja event in The Hague a couple weeks ago. I had a terrible cold during that time and couldn’t smell a thing. Every blogger got to pick ten products and since Christmas was approaching and all the other girls were going crazy about the Cookies ‘n’ Vanilla Ice Cream Douchegel and the Gingerbread Shower Soap I thought to pick up the latter and put it to the test.

When I first glanced at the price tag I was shocked: this 170 ml (5.95 fl oz) only costs… drum rolls… €2,69! Can you believe that? Usually products with unique scents like this gingerbread shower soap are super expensive.

The packaging is simple, but sturdy and nice like most Ziaja products. To keep the prices as low as they are Ziaja tries to minimize the amount of money that is being spend on packaging. Even so they still manage to produce really cute and clean looking products. Minimalism is hot in the beauty world right now, so Ziaja has been ahead of game for many year now!


The gingerbread shower soap is part of the kids line, but is actually a unisex product that can be used by the entire family. To really put the soap to the test I made my boyfriend Chris who is American and therefore more familiair with the scent of gingerbread man use the soap.

Chris: “The soap felt smooth. It foams up a bit, nice and bubbly. Not like giant bubbles, but just like most soaps. I can definitely smell the gingerbread in there, but it’s not overwhelming. It smells a little sweeter then a regular gingerbread cookie. But I suppose you don’t want to smell exactly like a gingerbread cookie.  My skin felt clean and soft afterwards. It leaves a hint of gingerbread scent on your skin.”


Personally I agree with all that Chris says. Just like perfume the scent that a shower product leaves on your skin differs per person. On my skin the gingerbread soap smells a little sweeter then on Chris’ skin. For me the scent also lingers a bit longer, which I like. I love how the soap makes your skin feel soft and clean. Some soaps leave your skin feeling ‘squeaky’, which I absolutely dislike. The Gingerbread Shower Soap luckily doesn’t do this. After using it your skin just feels nourished and smells good. I’m definitely sold.


Price: €2,69 per bottle. 
170 ml (5.95 fl oz).
: Aqua (Water), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Panthenol, Cocamide DEA, Sodium Cloride, Styrene/Acrylates Cocopolymer, Coco Glucoside, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Eugonol, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Coumarin, Citric Acid.
Can be used by: all genders, ages and skin types.

Do you like smelling like a baked good? What do you think about the Ziaja Gingerbread Shower Soap? And have you ever tried one of Ziaja’s products? 

With Love,

Elise Mooijman



  1. 18/12/2014 / 20:03

    Oeh gingerbread zeep dat is apart! Maar het lijkt me wel lekker eigenlijk. En betaalbaar ook!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      18/12/2014 / 20:56

      Het is heel lekker spul! Ik was zelf zo verbaasd bij de prijzen van Ziaja, echt heel betaalbaar!

  2. 18/12/2014 / 16:22

    Fijne review! Ik vind de Gingerbread Shower Soap ook echt heerlijk <3 Ik moet mij inhouden om hem er niet elke keer bij te pakken haha!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      18/12/2014 / 18:36

      Dankjewel! Lekker he? Voor zo’n zacht prijsje kun je altijd nog een extra fles kopen :D!

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