Valentines Day Gift Tip

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Some people refuse to take part in this ‘commercial holiday’, but I personally love it! Not only is a great opportunity to go on an extra special date with your love, it also gives you an excuse (not that you need one) to give your girlfriends, mom, grandma, aunt, neighbor, whoever you want, a little something.  I discovered an awesome British webshop named Tríníté Village that sells the cutest handmade bath blasters, soaps and candles for bargain prices! They were nice enough to send me a few products and in this post I would like to share them with you.

How cute are these bath goodies? Clockwise: Heart That Glitters Bath Blaster (mine is an older version and does not contain glitters) £2.49 (€3.30), a Handmade Soap bar £2.99 (€3.99), Choccy Woccy Butter Loop £1.99 (€2,66) and a Handmade Bath Mallow (my favorite).

I received these products the day before I left for the USA and was not able to take proper pictures there. Because of that the red birdy bath mallow (Christmas edition) is no longer available. But they have a ton of other extremely cute bath mallows still available. Unfortunately I do not have a bath so I will have to wait until we go on a holiday to use the bath melts and bath blaster!

I honestly can’t wait to try out this bath blaster! It is perfect for Valentines day. I find most bath blasters too expensive (you can only use them once unless you manage to break it in half), but this one is super affordable. The scent is very neutral. This bath blaster would even make a nice gift for your man (if he doesn’t care about receiving something ‘pink’).

What makes Tríníté Village extra special is that 80% of their products are vegan! This is what they say about it on their site:

“We’re not completely vegan however around 80% of our products are suitable for vegans. There are a few ingredients like milk, honey, lanolin and eggs, which are beneficial for the skin or hair, and we use in some of our products. We always keep vegans in mind when seeking new products, and we try to ensure that there is a vegan alternative available and all our vegan products are clearly marked, so you can make an informed choice about the products you use.” 

So far I’m a big fan of Tríníté Village. Their products look cute, smell great and are affordable. I can’t wait to go on a holiday and take a nice long bath with one of my bath goodies!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

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This is NOT a sponsored post, I was given the products in this post. However, this does not influence my opinion.


  1. 03/02/2015 / 17:12

    Wat een super lieve producten allemaal! Heel leuk idee!

  2. 03/02/2015 / 15:35

    Wat een superschattige items zeg! Het is dat ik geen bad heb nog, maar als ik er ooit één heb zou ik hier graag bestellen!

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