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Sweden has amazing fashion bloggers, the USA is home to many youtube beauty gurus and England has both, but did you know that blogging is nowhere near as popular as it is in Singapore and Malaysia? Today I’d like to share with you in random order the Malaysian and Singaporean blogs that I’ve been reading for years and absolutely LOVE.

Most Singaporean and Malaysian bloggers are very different from European bloggers: they don’t blog about one specific topic like fashion, beauty or traveling, but more about their own personal life. Of course beauty and fashion are topics that come by, but the blogs usually aren’t dedicated to just that one topic. I quite like this, as it makes you feel like you actually know the person behind the blog even though you really don’t. Also none of the Singaporean and Malaysian blogs that I follow have a posting schedule, in fact posting every day like a lot of European blogs do is quite uncommon.



First up is Cheersland.com, a Malaysian fashion, travel and lifestyle blog with a major focus on Japan run by Ringo (better known as Cheesie). Cheesie – just like myself – absolutely loves Japan and Japanese fashion, she is married to a Japanese man (that stays quite anonymously on her blog by choice, nothing wrong with that) and has an adorable son named Junya. She travels to Tokyo all the time and takes her readers with her through awesome photo diaries. I love reading her blog for fashion inspiration or to just simply gush over her cute son.

What I also really like about Cheeserland.com are the outfit pictures that Cheesie posts. She is super creative with fashion and always comes up with the cutest ootds. It’s really nice to see what is in style in Japan (and Malaysia), as it can sometimes be very different from what is popular here in Europe. I always get really inspired when looking at the items she puts together.


Wendy Cheng, aka Xiaxue, is a real Singaporean power blogger. Her blog, xiaxue.blogspot.com is one of the biggest in all of the Asian Pacific. Wendy mainly blogs about things that happen in her own life: we readers got taken along when she started dating her American engineer husband, saw him come over to Singapore and propose and got to see how Wendy gave birth to her son Dash, the smartest kid I’ve ever seen. He currently is 1 year and 7 months old and can already speak whole sentences! She posts a lot of videos of him on her Youtube account.

But what Wendy is best known for are her critical blog posts about.. well… pretty much anything! She always dares to speak her mind and her writing is extremely witty and honest. Sometimes brutally honest (something that I quite like). She has had plastic surgery and is super open about it, which I think is amazing. She takes pride in who she is and what she has done, and that – I think – shows real confidence.


One of my all time favorite posts of Wendy is the one in which she puts a bunch of disgusting men in their place: it’s called The Face of Haters. I won’t go into too much detail, because you would just have to go read it for yourself, but basically in that post she publicly shames a bunch of horrible men that made comments (in which they referred to her as a hooker (how much?, underage prostitute), bimbo or even worse) on pictures of her that where posted on a political Facebook page. The men that said things like that turned out to be dads, they were the kind of men that you could have easily been chatting to during your daughters swim class, but yet they were saying vile and disgusting things online. Xiaxue had the guts to put them to shame.

Nowadays Wendy doesn’t post very often on her blog anymore, but she does write almost every day on her Dayre, a very popular app in Asia that allows you to easily blog from your phone. Dayre can also be read on the computer! Her blog archives however are also really worth diving into.



Audrey Ooi, is married to Timothy Tiah (also an awesome blogger and entrepreneur), has a cute son named Jude (that they refer to as Fighter), is currently pregnant with her second child (she has PCOS, which makes getting pregnant or staying pregnant a lot more difficult) and is – like her blog name suggests – really 4ft9.

Audrey blogs a lot about her personal life and her son. Her blog kind of feels like reading a diary. Her occasional fashion posts are also a real treat as, like I said above, fashion in Asia is very different from here in Europe so seeing her ootds is super inspiring.

Audrey’s husband proposed to her in the cutest way possible (thé Meme Proposal!). The video is a major internet hit, and I can tell you why: it’s the cutest thing ever. I was literally bawling my eyes out. It’s just so touching! Definitely a MUST watch!

I got to know the three blogs above, because the bloggers are all friends. They visit each other a lot and all had children around the same time. I think it’s really cool to be in some sort of way a part of that as a reader. Ok, enough about my favorite Singaporean and Malaysian blogs, what are your favorite Asian blogs? Or have you never read any Asian blogs? If so, what is your favorite blog to read? 

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Disclaimer: all pictures above were taken from Cheeserland, Xiaxue and FourFeetNine’s social media channels and blogs. I do not own the rights to any of these pictures. 


  1. 06/04/2021 / 06:17

    Awesome blog! its really interesting to read and Thank you for sharing this blog.

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    18/02/2021 / 17:59

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  3. 11/04/2015 / 12:41

    Wow, thank you for liking the blogs from my country – Singapore! I read them too. I also blog about beauty, travel and lifestyle. Check out my blog!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      17/04/2015 / 14:19

      You’re welcome! I think Singaporean blogs are awesome!

  4. PQ
    29/11/2014 / 03:43

    I am from Singapore. I have a private blog and has been trying to get my ass moving with a public beauty blog. I think the internet (esp blogs) are really fantastic for “borrowed/rehash experience” – hahaa… i like to get reviews on beauty products and refresh my travel experience through another’s perspective as well. I follow mostly Cheeserland, MyWomenStuff and occasionally Xx and Vivawoman.
    I think I came across thebeautysuitcase through your comment on Cheeserland. I enjoyed your Japan travel reviews too! And it’s pretty nice to see someone from Europe doing a feature on Asian blogs. Other then female beauty bloggers, I might also introduce you to our Singapore “blogfather” mrbrown. He’s such a funny yet serious guy, who blogs on anything but main focus on technology, travels and latest news happenings. His takes on latest newsworthy event is quite amusing. Other ‘asian’ blogs I follow are EatYourKimchi, A Dream of Tokyo, VivianlostinSeoul, KimDaoBlog, MyKoreanHusband and OpenPrivateLife
    For blogs beyond Asia, I follow 15minutesbeauty, frmHeadtoToe, MelodeePlace at FujiSankei and sometimes MichellePhan. I would love to discover more interesting bloggers – beauty or not – across different parts of the globe. Would you be doing any further features on bloggers in Europe or the States? 😉

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      21/09/2015 / 22:04

      Hi PQ thank you for your lovely and informative comment! For some reason I only saw your comment now that I was updating some of the photo material of this post. I really really appreciate your blog recommendations and will definitely check them out. I’m thinking about doing a feature of European blogs that I follow, but the difficulty with that is that some of them are not in English!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      10/11/2014 / 11:07

      You are very welcome! She is an amazing blogger 😀

  5. 08/11/2014 / 21:21

    They all seem wonderful and very open. Only knew Xiaxue from het youtube channel (saw the one where she talked about her nose job and the difficulties). I’don’t follow any asian blogs, but am mostly subscribed to asian YTers.

    • 09/11/2014 / 00:05

      That video is super interesting! They are all definitely worth taking a look at 😀 I’ve been following them for year, much longer than I’ve followed any other blog!

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