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Welcome on board, this Thursday you are flying with Beauty Suitcase Air to Sardinia, Italy’s biggest island. Sardinia is known for its blue beaches, authentic Italian (Sardinian) food and tiny historical towns. The high light of my trip to Sardinia this past summer was eating risotto in a local restaurant/canteen in a tiny mountain village made by an Italian cook that could have easily been my grandpa. Or ‘nonno’ as the Italians say.

Bay San Teodoro Sardinia

One of the beaches around San Teodoro. According to several tourist sites the area around San Teodoro has some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

Sardinia family holiday

I went on this little holiday with my family; as you can see I’m an only child. Even though Chris ( he couldn’t take a leave from work to join us) and I have been happy together for quite a while I still live, by choice, at home. Simply because I really enjoy living with my parents, especially while I’m still studying.

Bracelets Sardinia


We stayed near a little town called San Teodoro (see pictures above). Here you could find lots of good restaurants, but unfortunately there wasn’t much sightseeing to do.


Sardinia is famous for  ‘Nuraghe‘, ancient towers from the Bronze Age. Here you see the biggest Nurage on the island. While they look impressive in pictures on the Internet taken from an eagle perspective, I found the Nuraghe to be quite disappointing in real life. My advice: if you stay near a Nuraghe pay a visit, but don’t drive for three hours (like we did).

Landscape Sardinia Italy

Even though the Nuraghe wasn’t so impressive, the landscape on the way there was.


After our failed cultural visit we were extremely hungry and because driving back to our hotel to eat would take too long we decided to look for the nearest restaurant on the navigator. We somehow winded up at this local restaurant/canteen in the tiniest mountain village. At first we were wondering if it was even open, since there was nobody to be seen in the entire town!

It seemed that word of three random foreigners sitting in the canteen had spread a cross the sleepy village, because slowly but surely the restaurant started to fill with curious locals.


Then this plain looking risotto arrived. A true case of ‘don’t judge a book on its cover’, because it was the best risotto I ever had.


After we got done with our meal, which not only involve a risotto but pork rib, some salad and freshly cut melon as well, the cook/owner came out to say hello. Isn’t he EXACTLY what you think of when you imagine an elderly Italian man?


I love little Italian towns, they make you feel like you’re in a fairytale.


When we were about to go home, the locals wanted to take a picture with us. We happily obliged.

Seeing the smile on their faces just makes me so happy all over again.

Sardinia seagull
Sardinia house

Who doesn’t want to live in a house like this?

Cactus Sardinia Italy

Everywhere in Sardinia you saw big cactuses like this! We were really amazed, because I always imagined cactuses to only grow in the desert. I’m from a cold rainy country…

San Teodoro beach

We asked some local people which was the best beach around San Teodoro to go to. They recommended this tiny beach. We never got told a name, just directions. However it sure was the best beach I ever went to: quite, clean and nice clear water!
cats italy sardinia

On our way to the airport we saw these stray kitties. Aren’t they cute? They lived at a gas station and the mother was super protective whenever the little one got to close to a car. Reminds me of my own kitten, gurt, who I will introduce in this sundays #personal post!

Have you ever been to Italia? If so what is your favorite area? What is your favorite Italian dish? Mine is risotto!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Disclaimer: The Beauty Suitcase owns all the rights to these pictures. 


  1. 04/10/2013 / 19:00

    Waaauw wat een mooie foto’s zeg! Die stranden zijn echt prachtig daar.. *want want want*

  2. 28/09/2013 / 10:00

    Oh these are great pictures 🙂 The locals all seemed very friendly.

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