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Koreans are crazy about beauty, something that really shows when walking through the streets in this breathtaking country. In Seoul, for example, you’ll find a make-up store on almost every corner. No matter how ugly the street, a pretty and colorful make-up store will be there to brighten things up. Despite that I have been here for only one week I did do some make-up (window) shopping and while doing so I discovered some pretty funny things. Let me share my first impression of Korean make-up (stores) with you.

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Under eye masks with a panda on it, chin masks that promise to reduce fat around your neck area with a picture of a fat seal on it and handcreams in the form of owls (love!). Just like Japanese make-up Korean make-up is very cute, girly and pink. They even managed to make the Eos Lip Balm, read here how much I love those little balls, cuter then they normally already are. I might buy this Yoshi Egg version, although I don’t think they’re the real Eos, but the shape and smell is the same.

The first impression I got from Korean make-up brands is that they are very into ‘natural ingredients’, something that I personally like a lot. In contrast to Japan Korean make-up comes in a lot of bright colors, which is nice because sometimes you don’t want to wear pastel right?


As you can read in my ‘Shopping in Seoul‘ post I was very excited to check out this make-up store Skin Food  (they sell in the US too, but not in Europe). When I looked on their website no prices where listed, but since they only use natural food ingredients I was expecting their products to be really expensive. While visiting Insadong I noticed a Skin Food store and just HAD to go in there. Everything turned out to be pretty cheap! I just had a quick look, because we where in Insadong for sightseeing and not shopping. In my ‘Shopping in Seoul’ post I also wrote that I was very curious about the Salmon concealer that Skin Food carries. I found it in the store, but from the brief look I had it seemed like they don’t have the right color for me. Will definitely post in more detail about this ‘make-up made with food’ another time.

Another interesting thing I discovered is that many make-up brands are being promoted by Korean MEN (mostly famous singers and actors)!  Nature Republic for example has huge pictures of this actor, Jang Geun Suk, hanging up. Apparently he goes to my university. He’s not the only one, many other products and stores are promoted by men. Men promoting make-up is unseen in the Netherlands, I might even say in Europe and the States too, except if it’s a product aimed at men only of course, but a guy promoting a whole cosmetic store? Never. I bought an amazing eye pencil at Nature Republic (as I forgot to buy one at Sephora and the one I reviewed actually belonged to my mom) on which I’ll do a review on another time.

I signed up for my university’s buddy program and got assigned to a great guy who’s English name is Jerry. He told me that Korean men wear make-up sometimes! I was aware of K-pop idols doing so, but regular men? When he said ‘make-up’ he actually meant BB Cream, a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock in one. The guys wear BB cream to cover up zits and other imperfections of the skin. At first I was blown away, I mean whenever I try to put make-up on Chris he acts as if I’m trying to feed him poison (he doesn’t need any, but I just love doing make-up on him haha), but later on I thought “Why do men have to walk around  with ugly zits, while women can cover them up? What’s actually wrong with men covering up their zits!” Some Korean guys, mostly singers and actors though, also wear eyeliner. I’m not sure what to think about that. How do you feel about that?

With Love,

Elise Mooijman



  1. 08/03/2013 / 03:38

    If you tried to put make-up on Pedro, it would be even worse x)
    But you’re right, here in Portugal is the same .. a guy promoting make-up would indeed be strange!

    I hope you’re having a good time in Seoul =)

    • 08/03/2013 / 03:51

      Really haha 😛 maybe we should try to put make-up on our boys together ones 😛 It’s becoming more and more fun here thank you ^^

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