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As the day of my departure to Seoul is coming closer I thought I’d make a list of the shopping areas, and brands, in Seoul that I definitely want to visit and share with you guys.  People say South Korea is the capitol of beauty (including plastic surgery) and, as a beauty enthusiast, I’m therefore very excited about living in Seoul. It gives me the opportunity to share Asia’s make-up, fashion and other beauty secrets on my blog. Of course I’m also gonna write about sightseeing and other travel-related subjects, I mean this site is called the Beauty Suitcase for a reason right? But, let’s get started with a list of, according to the internet because it might change after visiting these places in person, the best areas to shop in Seoul.

Myeong-dong – international brand walhalla mixed with small shops
Myeong-dong is one of Seoul’s main shopping areas featuring many international brand stores like Forever 21, H&M, Puma and Zara, which is nice because I might fit into Asian clothes, but I definitely do not fit into Asian shoes. Did you know that they they don’t sell bigger than a European size 37/38 usually?  Another thing that makes me enthusiastic are the outlet malls in Myeong-dong. Migliore (more Asian style stores) and Noon Square (more western style stores), are two outlets where you can buy anything from underwear to winter coats. If that isn’t enough already, you can also find a wide range of Korean cosmetic stores like The Face shop, Skin Food and Nature republic there. I’m most interested in trying out products from Skin Food, as they claim to only use natural food ingredients. Salmon dark circle concealer (not a joke) anyone? Next to that there are a lot of small shops where you, according to Korea’s official tourism site, will find the best deals. This is what they say about Myeong-dong: “If it’s variety that you’re after, there’s no better place to shop than Myeong-dong where you’ll find everything from internationally-recognized name brands to unique items with lots of personality.”

Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street
The Munjeong-dong Rodea Street is the first outlet store that opened in Korea. It’s very popular among young people and features stores like Guess, Levi’s, Nike and Benetton. Personally I really like that you can find many Korean shops in this outlet as well. According to the official tourism site of Korea The Adidas store in this outlet mall has clearance prices, up to 50% off, all year round. As a frugal Dutch this makes my heart skip a beat (even though I’m not that into sports wear, the word discount just sounds sweet.) 

Insadong is a more traditional area where you can find lot’s of traditional tea houses, little art shops and many many souvenir places. I’m looking forward to trying out ginseng tea at one of the tea houses, a traditional Korean herbal tea which helps to prevents colds during the winter, something I’m always troubled by.

The Hongdae area is also a traditional shopping area, but unlike Insadong, it has lots of vintage stores, discount shops and stylish boutiques. According to the Official Site of Korea it’s a place where hipsters would feel at ease because of the Indie feel to it. Hongdae is an outdoor shopping area. Hongdae is also home to the coffee shop used as a film location for the drama ‘The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince’, one of the first Korean dramas I ever watched, featuring my favorite actress Yoon Eun Hye.

I know that they’re many more great shopping areas in Seoul, but these are just a few that I’m looking forward to. If you got any tips (or just want to say something) leave a comment below. I love reading them.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

p.s. I’m sorry for not posting the past few days. It’s been an emotional roller coaster saying  goodbye to my family and friends. I’m bound to leave to Seoul this coming Tuesday.

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