Ziaja Skincare Event in The Hague

Good morning, evening, whatever it may be where you are! Last week I went to Ziaja‘s blogger event hosted by Dutch beauty blogger Serena Verbon in Den Haag aka The Hague. Ziaja is an amazing budget skincare brand from Poland that is now taking over the Dutch market. Join me in trying out Ziaja’s staple products at the event!

Ziaja Den Haag
taking pictures

The event, hosted by Serena Verbon from Beautylab.nl, was very intimate; only a select group of bloggers was invited. I felt very honored to be part of this group. As some of my Dutch readers may know I’ve worked for Serena‘s blog for a while when I was still studying journalism.


Ziaja Skincare Den Haag

Ziaja is the only brand in the world – correct me if I’m wrong – that uses goat’s milk in their products. The Goat’s Milk line is targeted towards dry skin, which I have. I am head of heels in love with the night cream, it nourishes my skin and takes away redness. And those of you that think it smells like a goat don’t need to worry: it doesn’t! The Goat’s Milk line smells very soft and creamy.

Ziaja’s packaging is very clean and simple, but nice looking. What really surprised me when I set foot in the store is how cheap their products are! Most creams, shampoos and serums are under €5,-. I believe that the most expensive product they carry costs around €10,-.

Not only is Ziaja really affordable, it’s also really good. Don’t we all hate it when you apply a day or night cream and after an hour your face still feels sticky? Not with Ziaja! Their products get absorbed into your skin almost instantly.

I applied Ziaja’s Cornflower Eye Cream (review is in the making) against dark circles under my right eye and went on to treat the area under my left. Right afterwards I felt the area under my right eye again and the product had completely soaked into my skin! I had to double check to make sure that I actually applied it in the first place!

Skin Analyzation 

skincare advice Huidanalyse
Part of the Ziaja event was a skin analyzation by an expert. She joked around saying that most beauty bloggers don’t even know their own skin type. Well this girl does! I have dry skin, that turns very dry in the winter. The Netherlands is always super humid, so when I go the Wisconsin in the USA for Christmas my skin always turns into sand paper! The skincare expert told me a great tip to battle this problem: use a night cream instead of a day cream and apply Vaseline to the real dry areas when going outside (of course you need to remove this before going to bed or you might break out).

Serena Verbon
beautiliciousworld en misscraftsy

Thank you Ziaja and Serena for inviting me to this amazing event. I had a lot of fun meeting all the bloggers and picking out products (every blogger could bring ten products of their choice home!). Looking forward to using the products and I can’t wait to review all of them on The Beauty Suitcase for you guys. Hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’, Twitter and Instagram!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

You can find Ziaja in twenty countries world wide and of course online. Ziaja now has two stores in The Netherlands, both in The Hague located in Prinsestraat 112 and Regentesseplein 223. 


  1. 29/11/2014 / 22:53

    Ik ben echt super nieuwsgierig geworden naar dit merk! Ik ga zeker een kijkje nemen als ik 11 december in Den Haag ben. Mooi verslag heb je er van gemaakt!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      30/11/2014 / 00:30

      Moet je zeker doen en dankjewel!

  2. Brittany
    29/11/2014 / 20:51

    I don’t know of any professional line that use goats milk but there are a lot of crafters that use it in soap and lotion here in Wisconsin. Bring me back some samples of their products if you can…is it chemical and paraben free?

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      30/11/2014 / 00:29

      I should try out one of those hand crafted soaps for the blog when I come over 😀 some of their stuff is paraben free and I believe a lot of it is chemical free (but I am not 100%) sure!

  3. Brittany
    29/11/2014 / 20:49

    I don’t know if any professional lines that use goats milk but there are a lot of independent crafters that make goat soap and lotion back here in Wisconsin!

  4. 29/11/2014 / 17:49

    Dat is inderdaad echt budget en wat apart dat er geitenmelk in verwerkt zit! De nachtcreme tip klinkt goed logisch, vaak zijn die wel iets rijker.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      29/11/2014 / 18:30

      Ik had echt niet ZULKE zachte prijsjes verwacht! Geitenmelk schijnt het dichtst in de buurt te liggen bij mensen melk waardoor het goed werkt voor de huid!

  5. 29/11/2014 / 15:50

    Zo te zien was het een super leuk, gezellig en leerzaam event!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      29/11/2014 / 18:29


  6. 29/11/2014 / 12:21

    Aaah wat een superleuk verslag (en foto’s!). Niet alleen zijn het top producten, maar ook het event zelf was zo goed georganiseerd, klein en gezellig! Hoop je snel weer te zien en anders lots of fun in Amerika!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      29/11/2014 / 12:53

      Thanks Joyce! Het was super gezellig met jullie! En dankjewel! Hoop jou ook snel weer te zien 😀 x

  7. 29/11/2014 / 11:14

    Je hebt er echt een heel leuk verslag van gemaakt! 🙂 Ik vond het ook een heel gaaf event, gezellig ook dat het vrij klein gehouden is!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      29/11/2014 / 11:48

      Dankje Kirsty! Vond het heel leuk jou daar te ontmoeten! Ik stuur je vandaag de foto’s van het Shoeby event! Ga zo even jouw verslag bekijken 😀 x

  8. 29/11/2014 / 07:15

    Ziet er uit als een supertof event, gezellig ook dat er maar zo weinig bloggers waren! Een huidanalyse lijkt me heel erg interessant ook. Ik vermoed dat ik zelf een beetje een gemengde huid heb, met veel droge stukken, maar zeker weten doe ik het niet. Bijzonder ook dat ze geitenmelk in hun producten gebruiken, klinkt goed! Liefs

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      29/11/2014 / 11:47

      Het was absoluut een ontzettend leuk event! De huidanalist zei dat je met zo’n huid eigenlijk verschillende producten op verschillende delen aan moet brengen :D. Stay tuned voor de reviews!

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