Bargain Fashion Find – Petrol Blue Mohair Coat

Colored coats are in style! I’ve been sporting my super warm classic black coat  all winter. Every girl should have a classic black or brown coat in my humble opinion, but it is also fun to switch things up sometimes with a more colorful coat! I was browsing through the Zara webshop when I was taking a break from studying and found an amazing petroleum colored mohair coat on discount!

Petroleum Jas Zara

Petroleum Coat Zara
I am in love with this color! This coat is currently on sale in most of Zara’s webshops (NL, ESP, UK & US – prices differ per country). The only thing that is holding me back from instantly ordering this coat is that it is a boyfriend model. I have never owned an oversized coat and in general I can not pull oversized clothes off very well. But for this price (€49,99 edit (15.25): 39,99 now instead of €129,- for NL) I might take the chance!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


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