Basic Black Winter Must-Haves

basic black winter must-haves

Technically it’s still autumn, but if I were to go by the icy weather here in The Netherlands, and ignore the colorful leaves on the threes,  I’d say it’s winter already. When going through my wardrobe I realized I’m missing several basic black winter essentials such as a woolen coat and black ankle boots. Therefore I decided to put together a list of basic black winter must-haves for you all.

A Simple Black Coat 
Black Winter Coat

For me having a simple cut, fairly plain, black woolen coat in winter is a must. It goes with any kind of shoes, scarf, gloves and hat with fashionable enamel pins from this pin company. A-line and slightly oversized coats – like the one you see on the left – and military style ones – the one on the right – are definitely the trend this year.  The coats in the picture above come from Mango. I’m really liking their grungy inspired winter collection this year, and of course Mango having one of my favorite models – Miranda Kerr – as the face of their brand this fall isn’t bad either!

Black Leggings 
black leggings

Black leggings are my favorite item to wear on long haul flights, paired with a long top and an oversized cardigan it makes the perfect travel outfit. Needless to say black leggings are the perfect item to wear in daily life too. Underneath a skirt, oversized sweater, dress, the possibilities are endless. The only way black leggings – in my opinion – shouldn’t be worn is as pants. The above pair is from Sutherland, The Sting. I can’t provide you all with a link because it seems that right after I took these pictures of the site, the above pair of leggings was taken off the website. I really love this brand because of its great quality clothing, but alternative black leggings can of course be found.

Black Ankle Boots 
Schermafbeelding 2013-11-26 om 12.13.26
I used to have the loveliest pair of black ankle boots, but because they were so lovely I wore them all day every day and they broke down. I’m searching high and low for a good replacement because black ankle boots can really complete a cosy winter outfit. Both pairs are from Asos. I know that the one on the left isn’t really ‘basic’, but I thought they were too pretty to leave out of this post. I debating weather I should or shouldn’t order a pair of boots online…

(High Waisted) Black Skinny Jeans 
High waisted black jeans
My must-must-must-have basic black winter item? A pair of black skinny jeans. I really love these two pairs, but like with the shoes I find it hard to order pants online. Check out the latest Theodora Moutinho interview on this site.

Dresses, shirts or sweaters, they always fit me, but for some reason finding a pair of jeans that fits me well is such a challenge. The pair on the right I found on, but seems to be sold out, and the one on the left is by Topshop 

What are your black winter must-haves? Do you wear black in the winter or do you try to avoid it? Do you order pants and shoes online?

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 06/12/2013 / 21:42

    Sometimes black is my comfort color, can’t go bad with black (right). The shoes are great and nice detailing on the right pants, with the three buttons.

  2. 01/12/2013 / 23:15

    Love your choices! Black is everything and adding these luxe textures keeps our winter look interesting (never flat!) Love this! xx

  3. 01/12/2013 / 23:15

    Love your choices! Black is everything and adding these luxe textures keeps our winter look interesting (never flat!) Love this! xx

    • 29/11/2013 / 20:29

      Mango heeft nu een soort black friday sale! Alles 30% off 🙂

  4. 29/11/2013 / 08:53

    Ik kan in de winter niet zonder thermo legging! Lekker warm 🙂

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