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One of my goals this year is to start working out a bit. I like yoga, dancing and gymnastics, but I will never be someone that goes running or to the gym every morning (never say never though!). Especially now that I’m super busy with school I simply cannot work out very often so for me investing in super expensive sports clothes and shoes is not worth it at the moment. But I still need some decent workout clothes, because currently I have close to zero! So when I got a PR message from Primark showcasing their new sportswear collection I got really excited! Nice workout clothes for a small price!

Crop Top Ôé¼4 In Store January

Crop Top Ôé¼5, Leggings Ôé¼9 In Stores  January
I love how these sport’s bras do now show much cleavage! This way you can even wear them as a top on a very hot day or during an intense workout. And you also don’t have worry about your boobs saying hello to the guy in front of you when you for example do a downwards dog pose. Unless that is what you want of course haha!

Crop Top Ôé¼5, Leggings Ôé¼9 In Stores January

Crop Top Ôé¼6, Leggings Ôé¼11 In Store January
I currently own one sport’s legging, but once I start working out more it will be nice to have at least two. For some reason I’ve always wanted a grey one. In the United States many girls wear sport’s leggings on a daily basis (instead of pants!), because they’re a bit thicker than regular fashion leggings. To me wearing leggings at pants (with nothing covering your bum) is still one of the weirdest fashion differences between Europe and the US.

Gilet Ôé¼12, Crop Top Ôé¼4, Leggings Ôé¼11 In Stores January
If you’re into running a thin jacket is a must for winter! I’m not a runner whatsoever, but my dad is. He told me that running jackets are often quite expensive! This pink from Primark looks super cute!

Vest Ôé¼8, Water Bottel Ôé¼2 In Stores January
I have been looking for a top like the one above for a while now. It matches the only sport’s bra I have perfectly! The fabric looks really comfortable and of good quality.

Gilet Ôé¼12, Leggings Ôé¼7 , socks Ôé¼3 , Trainers Ôé¼9 In Stores January
Primark even sells trainers! I must admit: I do not even own ONE pair of sport shoes… These black with pink once would match perfectly with the grey top and my black leggings! It almost seems like I care more about looking fashionable than the actual workout haha!

Jacket Ôé¼14, Leggings Ôé¼9, Trainers Ôé¼13 In Stores January

The Primark 2015 Sportswear Collection offers even more styles and colors than you see in this post. Bright pink sport’s bras, navy blu tops and fun colored jackets are all available at Primark right now. Tops from the basic line start at €4, cardigans at €6, leggings at €9 and outerwear at €14.

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Elise Mooijman

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Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post nor was I given any of the products in this post. 


  1. 09/02/2015 / 13:33

    Aaah wat gaaf! Thanks voor de tip, ik wist niet dat primark deze collectie had, maar voor zo’n prijsje moet ik natuurlijk wel eventjes gaan kijken.

  2. 08/02/2015 / 22:07

    Really need to visit my new Primark in Brussels! Yeah this is a good motivational post!

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