Heartwarming Stories & Videos #2

Reading a newspaper (or news site) makes you feel down more often then it cheers you up. But sometimes you come across a rare feel-good story. In my ‘Heartwarming Stories & Videos’ posts I share with you the heartwarming stories that I’ve come across lately. In this post: a man that saved 699 children from an almost certain death during WWII and cute and courageous doggies! I hope the following stories and videos make your day!


Stories about old people always seem to hit me extra hard. This video is about Sir Nicholas Winston, a British man who saved 669 children, most of them Jewish, from the Nazis during the Second World War. Sir Winton kept quite about his heroic actions for many years, until his wife Grete found a scrapbook containing all details of the children he saved and there whereabouts in their attic in 1988.

In this video (recorded in 1988) Sir Winston is in the audience of a BBC show to which he was invited. At one point during the show Sir Winton’s scrapbook was shown, and his achievements explained. After this the host asks if anyone in the audience owes their lives to Sir Winton, and, if so, to stand-up – more than two dozen people sitting around Winton rose from their seat and applauded. The look on his face could melt the coldest of hearts.

If you have a bit more time I definitely recommend also watching the above version about how Sir Winston saved the lives of all these children. I believe that it’s important to never forget what happend during the Second World War.


Extreme sports team ‘Team Peak Performance’ was taking part in the Adventure Racing World Championship through the Amazon rain forest when they came across a miserable and injured stray dog. One of the member fed the dog a meatball before carrying on. After this the dog wouldn’t leave their side. For his own safety the team tried to get rid of the dog, but the furry creature wouldn’t budge. He endured every grueling task – swimming next to their kayak and climbing muddy hills – alongside them. The team decided to adopt the dog and name him Arthur.

After the race Arthur was in poor condition. The team got permission to fly Arthur with them to Sweden where he is now being cared for by the team. He will come to live with one of the members after coming out of quarantine. On their Facebook Page the team writes that Arthur is now in great condition, the only downside being that one of the four deep wounds he had isn’t healing well and requires surgery. Read the full story on Arthur HERE.


This adorable French Bulldog puppy is just 12 weeks old and can already do more tricks than most of the grown dogs in my neighborhood! I’m a total cat person, but I this does melt my heart!

This is what the pups owner wrote in the description box of the video: “Misa Minnies new little bro Brody Brixton will show you what a few days of training with positive reinforcement can teach a pup. 😉 Brody just turned 12 wks old (on 12/29/14) and is following in his Yorkie sister Misa Minnie’s paw prints. So far he’s learned sit, stay, down, come, shake paw, turn around, crawl, ring a bell, and is learning to weave. We are hoping he will be a therapy dog one day like his Sis Misa Minnie. He is home trained in Sunny California and loves his toys and napping in sunny spots.”

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Elise Mooijman

Photo Disclaimer: imagine (text was added for feature image) by greg westfall, licensed under Creative Commons. 

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  1. 06/01/2015 / 18:14

    Wat een bijzondere video’s! Mij raakt het ook altijd als er oude mensen bij betrokken zijn op de een of andere manier.

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