[REVIEW] Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks

Velvet is hot. And so are berry-hued pouts. Darker lips where all over the place this winter—and surprisingly—still are this spring. I found this beautiful bordeaux/berry colored velvet lipstick by Rimmel from the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte collection in the store and just had to try it out!


Mr. Hedgehog is helping me demonstrate this berry colored Kate Moss lipstick today. I really love the chic looking packaging, which Kate’s signature in black on the side of the cap. You can really see from this picture, but on the top of the cap is a little crown.


As you can see the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipstick unfortunately doesn’t contain a whole lot of product. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but when I compared it to some of my other lipsticks it was significantly shorter. However, at ± €10 it is quite an affordable lipstick so repurchasing isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg.


After applying the Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte lipstick my lips felt really soft, velvety and didn’t dry out. The color of 107 is also super pretty. I did have a hard time applying this lipstick without lipliner, because it’s extremely pigmented (which is of course a good thing!). However the strong pigmentation does make it quite hard to remove the lipstick from the area around your lips if you mess up.

The Kate Moss Matte lipsticks do need to be reapplied after every meal. I was wearing this lipstick while on holiday in Italy and after eating an ice cream I asked my boyfriend Chris if my lipstick still looked fine. He said it did. A while later I looked into a mirror and only on the outer and fine lines of my lips was lipstick left. I looked like a…. well I’ll let you fill that in yourself! * mental note to myself: never trust Chris again when it comes down to my makeup looking good yes or not. 



Packaging – great!
Amount of product – less than average
Texture – smooth, velvety and does not dry your lips out.
Application – a bit challenging. I recommend using a lipliner.
Lasts – has to be re-applied after every meal.
Other colors available? – Depends on the country. The USA has the most – 10 –  available shades. Six shades in The Netherlands. Check the Rimmel site of your country to see how many colors are available for you.
Price vs Product – Great! I bought my lipstick in the USA for only $4,97 (around €3,60).

Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks by Rimmel/€ 9,49- $ 4,97/ Rimmellondon.com

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 04/04/2014 / 22:59

    Color is perfection, really digging the deep dark colours! Oh wel that’s a minus point for the boyfriend, he probably likes your lips the way they are au naturel more =]

  2. 30/03/2014 / 10:01

    Gave kleur hij staat je wel erg goed! Haha jongens en zeggen of je make-up nog goed zit; mijn vriend zegt soms voor de grap dat ik mijn make-up overal heb zitten zodat ik zelf ga kijken, omdat hij weet dat wat hij goed vind, voor mij soms niet goed is 😛

    • 30/03/2014 / 17:53

      Awww wat gemeen hahaha! Jongens toch ook 😛 En dankjewel! <3

  3. 30/03/2014 / 00:55

    You are so pretty! And your photography is very creative. Well done. Love the lipstick! <3

  4. 29/03/2014 / 22:41

    Prachtig kleurtje, staat je heel erg mooi!

  5. 29/03/2014 / 21:56

    Such a beautiful colour on you 🙂 I have one in a lovely shade of pink, very natural and they look really nice on!


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