I’m off to Rome

Picture credit TicketSpy.nl

When you are reading this I probably just got of the plane in Rome. I’m in the Italy capital for just a weekend, so I probably can’t see everything (a good excuse to come back if we enjoy it!) but I hope to at least see:

1. Colosseum [obsessed with gladiators!] 2. Vatican [the new pope seems pretty awesome!] 3. Trevi Fountain [romantic!]

What else would you guys say that I MUST see?

We will be making lots of pictures, videos – stay tuned for a travel vlog and a ootd – and did I mention it will be 20 (!!) degrees celsius in Rome this weekend?! For my American readers: that is around 66 F. It’s only 7 degrees here in rainy NL currently.

I will be tweeting [follow] and instagramming [follow] photos of my trip with the hastag #BeautySuitcaseRome so if you are interested feel free to follow me on my trip.

Ti Amo,



  1. 21/02/2014 / 22:59

    You certainely had a great time there in Rome, hope you got to see the three things you absolutely wanted to (and we get to see them in your photos).

  2. 16/02/2014 / 13:17

    How exciting I love looking at travel pictures, can’t wait to see more. Have a fun and safe trip!! šŸ˜€

  3. 14/02/2014 / 21:43

    difficult to get this show without a gazillion people! Bravo!

  4. 14/02/2014 / 20:51

    OMG I have always wanted to go to Rome. That is my #1 choice if I ever get to visit Europe. I heard the catacombs are pretty neat and they have some great lakes!

    Happy Travels,

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