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Every day a lot of people find The Beauty Suitcase through search engines like Google. WordPress keeps track of all the search terms used to find this blog for me. Most of them match perfectly with the content written on this blog, but some don’t exactly hit the right spot. Let me share with you all – in random order – the most funny, interesting and weird search terms used to find my blog.

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Happy mountain goat
Now I can see where this one is coming from; while in Korea I wrote a personal post (go to post by clicking the above picture) about having to climb a mountain – from a Dutch point of view – to reach my university every day. It made me feel like a mountain goat haha.  Some one also stumbled upon this blog googling for ‘Mountain goat South Korea’ , I’m sorry sir/madam you won’t find any mountain goats here, just silly Dutch girls!


Can I break my virginity with an eye pencil
Followed by ‘What will happen if I put pencil in my virgin’ – literally written like this. Well I certainly don’t want to know what this person was doing and if, assuming she, really went through with whatever she had in mind. I’m only curious though if she exactly read my Sephora Eye Pencil Review in order to find an answer…

Bowling Seoul

I can’t believe people aren’t bowling
Me neither! I believe this person found my blog again because of one of my personal posts in which I talked about going bowling.

Koreans use lots of makeup
Not necessarily true! They love their cosmetics, but the faces of most girls certainly aren’t caked with makeup. I have absolutely no idea which post this person ended up finding.

Nails Suitcases
What in the world is a ‘nail suitcase’? I think this search term must have something to do with my blog’s name The Beauty Suitcase.

Why do the Dutch have straight teeth
Because we all have braces of which most of the cost is covered by our amazing health care system. I can only think of one friend with straight teeth that didn’t have braces and I can’t think of any with crooked teeth. Most people get them when they are in kindergarden, but I had mine when I was 19 because my teeth were straight before that age! Again I have no idea which posts this person stumbled upon.

Chicago deep dish pizza

Can’t finish the food can you take it home for dinner?
Depends on in which restaurant in which country you are eating. This must have been a personal post too, one in which I praise the American to-go-box system, something we don’t have in The Netherlands.

If you are a fellow blogger what is the funniest search term someone ever used to find you blog? I’m making this into a tag, you are all tagged! Let me know when you do this tag so I can read your funniest search terms!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 06/10/2013 / 14:42

    Haha geweldig! Ik heb bij mijn eigen blog eigenlijk nooit zulke zoektermen.

  2. 06/10/2013 / 14:05

    Jeezes, some of these things are kind of crazy and creepy haha 😀

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