Youtube star Michelle Phan releases ‘EM’ Makeup line

EM Makeup Michelle Phan

Youtube makeup guru Michelle Phan has just officially released her first makeup line ‘EM‘. As stated in Phan’s highly anticipated introduction video of the line, EM is backed up by L’oreal and features 250 products. Most outstanding are the six refillable ‘Life Palettes’, each containing four blushes, eight lip colors and 24 eye shadows. Next to finding all the newly released makeup products, Phan’s fans (phans?) all across the world can also check out brand new tutorials on the ‘EM’ website. Currently the Youtube star’s brand only ships within the USA.

’EM’ is a Vietnamese word (Phan herself is Vietnamese-American) that is used by men to affectionately address younger girls. In the introduction video of EM that Phan posted on Youtube she also stated that ‘EM’ is a reflection of herself, inspired by her viewers. It took the make up guru two years to develop 
the cosmetics collection.

Michelle Phan EM
As beauty blogger and long-term Michelle Phan fan I’m very excited about her makeup line, especially the ‘Life Pallete’s ($75). Unfortunately ‘EM’ doesn’t ship to Europe yet, but as I’m writing this on a plane to the USA I can certainly say that the idea of ordering a palette as soon as we touch down is growing stronger in my head. And having a palette with my own initials on it wouldn’t be bad either.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Watch the launch video of EM 


  1. Bo
    29/08/2013 / 22:55

    Ik volg haar ook al een aantal jaar en ze wordt steeds groter en groter. Tof dat ze nu een eigen make-up lijn heeft, ik ben benieuwd naar de kwaliteit ervan.

  2. beautybandita
    20/08/2013 / 20:11

    Oh dat is niiiice! Ben zelf ook fan van Phan 😀



  3. 17/08/2013 / 22:50

    ik vond Michelle vroeger wel leuk maar nu is ze zo gemaakt >< ben wel super benieuwd naar de kwaliteit!

    • 19/08/2013 / 21:38

      Ik vind het juist wel leuk dat haar filmpjes professioneler zijn geworden!

  4. 17/08/2013 / 12:27

    wauw, wat super, ik zou willen dat ik dat mocht doen!

  5. 17/08/2013 / 10:42

    Heel knap van Michelle Phan! Ze heeft het wel echt goed doordacht en ben zo benieuwd naar alle producten. Hoop dat het een succes wordt in Amerika, zodat ze snel uitbreiden naar Europa.

    • 19/08/2013 / 21:39

      Ik hoop het ook, ik ben nog steeds aan het twijfelen of ik het life palette zal kopen ja of nee!

  6. changered
    17/08/2013 / 09:46

    Super informative post! I had no idea about this line till you told me about it, hehe. Glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂 It’s lovely. I am excited for this brand to start shipping everywhere else so that I can get my hands on some of the products!

    Lots of love, xx

    • 19/08/2013 / 21:41

      Thank you so much! Me too, I’m in the States now so I’m super tempted to order the life palette.

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