[Review] Avocado Lip balm Skin Food

Let me introduce you to my current favorite lip balm: the Avocado Lip Balm by Skin Food. It’s a creamy and long lasting balm, perfect for my dry and scaly lips. This foodylicious balm is made in Korea and contains real avocado extract. Avocado is known to be ‘the Butter of the Forest’ for  it’s moisturizing properties and high content of nutrients.

I had done a lot of research about Korean make-up brands before arriving in Seoul and the one I was particularly excited about was Skin Food. I’m a sucker for pure and natural things, may it be food or make-up, so names like Salmon Caviar Concealer, Broccoli Face Mask and Almond Mascara sounded like music to my ears. I can truly and honestly say that the brand, and especially their lip balm, hasn’t disappointed me so far.

The balm has a light greenish color, the texture of a body butter but firmer and a faint sweet smell. I like that the smell is very light, as I personally dislike strong smelling products.  The best thing about this lip balm is that it somehow removes (or brings back to life?) the dry, dead patches of skin on my lips. I’ve always had chapped lips, but after I started to use this product I haven’t had a single dry patch.

Using lip products, mainly the soft feeling on your lips, can be addicting. Some girls even break out it cold sweat and run to the nearest drug store when they realize that they left their Chapstick at home.  The Avocado lip balm however doesn’t have this effect, at least on me. It seems to really nurture your lips, not just temporarily solve the problem. More than five hours after applying and eating dinner, my lips still feel moisturized.

I have the small version of the Avocado lip balm, which contains 12 gram of product. I’m already regretting not having bought the larger one. Damn you Dutch frugalness. I can’t seem to find how much gram the larger version contains, but I remember it being at least triple the size of the small one. Luckily only a tiny bit is needed in order for your lips to feel moisturized and soft for several hours.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Where to go? 
Skin Food can be found all over Asia, in several towns in the state of California and in the United Arab Emirates. For store locations you can check the Skin Food Global website. Unfortunately Skin Food doesn’t have an official online store, but if you Google ‘Skin Food online store’ you’ll find several different web shops and Amazon sellers that ship Skin Food international. 


  1. 08/08/2013 / 22:23

    Ever since I visited South Korea years ago, I have loved Skin Food! They really make great prodcuts!

  2. 08/08/2013 / 22:23

    Ever since I visited South Korea years ago, I have loved Skin Food! They really make great prodcuts!

  3. 01/08/2013 / 12:04

    Wat een mooie verpakking!

  4. 01/08/2013 / 12:04

    Wat een mooie verpakking!

  5. 01/08/2013 / 12:04

    Wat een mooie verpakking!

  6. 01/08/2013 / 12:04

    Wat een mooie verpakking!

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