Review – The Face Shop Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner

Upon arrival in Seoul I discovered that I had left my Sephora waterproof contour eye pencil at home! In blind panic I googled for a Sephora in South Korea, not even just Seoul…, and had to face the fact (geddit) that there is no Sephora in South Korea. While out and about I randomly walked into one of the many beauty stores that can be found in Seoul. And after swatching a few pencils I picked out the ‘FACE it STYLING auto GEL LINER’ in 02 Edge Brown for 7700 Won (5 euro/6,6 dollar) from the Face Shop. Now the name might sound a bit confusing as the product I’m talking about is a pencil liner and not a gel liner. Every new product I buy, I put to the test; which this time included humid Asian weather.


The pencil can be twisted out and doesn’t need to be sharpened but it does comes with a hidden sharpener at the bottom in case you want to create a sharper tip. I’ve honestly never used it because I only discovered it when I started writing this review! So far I’ve been able to draw a very fine line without the sharper so I can only imagine it being even finer after using the sharpener.

The Face Shop face it auto gel liner pencil

Neither on the packaging or on the pencil itself does the Face Shop claim in English that this pencil is waterproof and my Korean language abilities can’t do much more than order me a plate of samguypsal. However the shopkeeper told me that this pencil should be waterproof so I tested it out.

As you can see this is not the same swatch as on my wrist. I applied this stroke with less pressure, creating a thinner line.

The line is going nowhere even after rubbing it repeatedly!

I personally like smudging my eyeliner a little bit to give a more subtile effect. It is possible to do this with the FACE it STYLING auto GEL LINER, but you have to be quick. The line dries in very quick and you have only a few seconds to really smudge it.


After a whole day wearing the liner in humid asian weather the line under my waterline did smudge slightly, but nothing major especially for a pencil of this price. In drier weather the pencil doesn’t seem to smudge it at all. Overall I’m really happy with my new Korean eyeliner.

You can find The Face Shop all over Asia and North America. Unfortunately they don’t have an online store (yet) for all of you that don’t live near a shop, but you can of course find The Face Shop products on Amazon.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


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