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Makeup that looks like I am not wearing much makeup, that is what I strive at for my everyday look. Especially when it comes down to the skin, because mascara is obvious unless you use a clear gel one. While I was doing my makeup I thought it would be fun to share my everyday look done step-by-step in a ‘Face of The Day’ article. So let me reveal my face with nothing, but concealer on…


May I introduce you to the world’s best (under eye) concealer? This Instant Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t crease and it covers dark circles and blemishes perfectly! When I repurchase it (a used one like the one above doesn’t look that nice in pictures) I’ll make sure to write a full review on it. The color I am wearing is Light/Pale.


I always contour my cheekbones and the sides of my face slightly. Personally I think that it makes a huge difference. Can you see the slight shadow on the left? That is no real shadow, just bronzer. This matte bronzer called Chocolate Soleil (it contains real cacao!) by Too Faced is absolutely amazing and not only because it smells like chocolate. It creates very natural looking shadows on my face that help define my features. Using a little bit of bronzer also gives my pale skin a little pick me up.

I did a full review of the above palette which you can find HERE.


I have quite bushy brows, which I personally don’t mind. What I do mind is that my eyebrow hairs are placed quit far apart, I do  not have full eyebrows whatsoever. Therefore I like to fill them in a little. This eyebrow pencil by Catrice is one of my best budget buys ever: it only costs €2,69 and it lasts all day.


I am not a big fan of liquid liner on myself as I find this too harsh looking. Therefore, I use a heavily pigmented matte black eye shadow from my EM Cosmetics (by Michelle Phan) Night Life Palette (review still coming). As you can see I don’t wing my eyeliner. Why? I am incapable of making two symmetrical wings haha! When I am in a hurry (which happens a little too often) I skip eyeliner.


Hello eyelashes! Where were you hiding? Mascara or no mascara makes a huge difference when you have (dark) blond eyelashes like I do. I like using a volumizing mascara like, because I feel like my lashes lack more in volume than length. The Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara by L’oreal works really well. But I’ve used it for about three months now so it is time to throw it out and find a new mascara or repurchase. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. Mascara recommendations are always welcome!

I don’t skip applying blush even when I am in a hurry. This blush, True Match in Rose Bonne Minnie, by L’oreal is my absolute favorite at the moment. According to L’oreal this blush adapts itself to your skin and adds shine. As you can see it blends in perfectly and doubles up as a highlighter


What a difference a bit of color on your lips can make! As you can see it brightens up my entire complexion. I am a big fan of this lipstick in color 07 by The Body Shop (what you see in the photo is all that is left), because it is a neutral color – I would almost call it a nude – that adds just that extra bit and has a nice texture. My lips were very dry which makes them whiter, when they are moisturized their natural color is much closer to this lipstick.

So there you have it: my everyday look explained step-by-step. I change up the products I use every so now and than. Especially my eyeliner, mascara and lipstick (this depends on my outfit) tend to change a lot. Let me know if you like this kind of post and feel free to follow me on on Bloglovin’TwitterInstagram or Facebook!

Also now that I am posting every day, it is not possible for my boyfriend/photographer Chris (who has a fulltime job) to shoot all the photos that feature me, myself and I on this blog. I am not a necessarily a bad (amateur) photographer myself, but I am not a pro at ‘selfies’. So please don’t judge the above selfie-style photos!

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 21/01/2015 / 12:57

    Erg mooie foto’s! Heel lief en naturel

  2. 15/01/2015 / 16:58

    Hele mooie look! De blush is echt prachtig.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      15/01/2015 / 19:39

      Thank you!

  3. 14/01/2015 / 23:54

    You as so right, what a difference lipstick can make! I have become a bit obsessed with the lip colors more recently.. No makeup is complete without a little extra color, haha! You look great, thank you for sharing!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      15/01/2015 / 19:39

      Thanks for your lovely comment! And I’m totally sharing your obsession with lip colors haha!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      14/01/2015 / 23:21

      Bedankt voor je lieve complimentje!

  4. Brittany
    14/01/2015 / 19:37

    Wow you are good at this make-up thing!!! You will have to help me with mine one of these days! You are just as beautiful without the make-up and I mean that! Love you!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      14/01/2015 / 23:21

      Thanks Brittany ♡ ! I am wearing concealer though… without any I looked too rough to be published hehe! And I will, that would be so much fun! Love u 2 x

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      14/01/2015 / 23:18


  5. 14/01/2015 / 16:15

    Leuk om je everyday look te zien op deze manier! Ik vind de bronzer die je gebruikt ontzettend mooi! Zelf heb ik niet echt één everyday look; ik wissel nogal veel af qua oogschaduw en draag ook vaak niet elke dag dezelfde blush haha.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      14/01/2015 / 23:18

      Die bronzer is echt een aanrader, geweldig spul! Ik heb (of beter gezegd ik maak) ‘s ochtends geen tijd voor oogschaduw, in het weekend of voor een feestje wel :D!

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