[REVIEW] Rimmel London 60 Seconds

The 60 Seconds nail polish line by Rimmel London is AMAZING. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever been this enthusiastic about a nail polish line before. This oath review is written by one of the worst nail painters in history: I always paint over my nail bed and if once in a lifetime I don’t I’ll make sure to ruin my nails by doing something before they’re dry. But with the 60 Seconds nail polishes by Rimmel London even I manage to paint my nails beautifully! Continue reading to find out why these nail polishes are all that.



First of all this nail polish is so EASY to apply. The brush is flat, wide and rounded like the shape of a nail. Within two to three strokes my nails are covered. Now my nails are fairly ‘large’, so I can imagine that someone with tiny hands will have their nails covered in just one stroke. I really don’t understand why not more polishes have this kind of brush?!

Unlike many other quick drying nail polishes the Rimmel London 60 Seconds polishes don’t streak! Don’t we all hate those nail polishes that require you to make only perfect strokes or else you’ll have major streaks? Well I sure do! With all of the Rimmel London 60 Seconds polishes you can make stroke after stroke without a single streak appearing!

It dries super fast! Now I haven’t timed the drying process and I do suspect it takes a little longer than 60 seconds for the nail polish to dry completely (this of course depends on how thick you apply it in the first place). After 60 seconds you can touch the nail polish, but it’s still a bit ‘soft’. But, even with two thicker layers your painted nails with be completely rock hard after about three minutes. No more ruined nails!!



Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polish swatches
Clockwise: My current favorite is 320 Rapid Ruby is a gorgeous bordeaux nail polish perfect for fall that covers with one layer, I prefer two as this makes the color a little darker. 262 Ring A Ring O’Roses, a very pink polish. I was worried that this one would be to opaque, but this polish also covers beautifully with two coats. 405 Rose LIbertine, a pinkish coral. I wear this color year round, even though it has more of a summer vibe to it.  310 Euphoria out of all the color this metallic purple brown (it’s more purple in real life) is my least favorite because it chips the fastest. But than again that is always the case with metallic polishes.

Please don’t mind the dry cuticles: I have a type of hand eczema (allergy) that starts of with small blisters and ends with super dry and flaky skin. I still have to find out what it exactly is that I’m allergic too, but it is most likely something inside cremes.



Packaging – Simple, but chic.
Amount of product – Great.
Texture – Ranges from almost matte to metallic.
Application – The easiest application I’ve ever come across!
Lasts – The 60 Seconds nail polish range by Rimmel London doesn’t claim to be long lasting, but I think they last quite good. I always bump my nails into everything (and I have BAD nails), so for me the polish starts to chip after about two to three days. But since it’s so easy to apply, I just take the old coat off and apply a fresh new one within minutes!
Other colors available? – There are (at least) 32 available shades.
Price vs Product – AMAZING. Only ± €3.99 (£3.69 in the UK). I do believe the price varies slightly per country and store.
Overall impression – The best nail polishes I’ve come across so far.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Nederlands – Tip! Kruidvat heeft op dit moment een ontzettend gave actie: twee Rimmel London 60 Seconds nagellakjes voor maar €5,-! (Geen advertentie). 



    • TheBeautySuitcase
      10/11/2014 / 22:17

      Prachtig kleurtje he!

  1. 09/11/2014 / 19:34

    I hope that offer applies for the Kruidvat here as well! The pink polish turned out more vibrant than I would have expected, but great coverage and always nice if the drying time is short! Always handy to know what you’re allergic for. For years my doctor thought I was allergic to penicilline but after 30 needles or so it turns out it was all wrong.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      10/11/2014 / 22:21

      Kruidvat in The Netherlands! I know right! All of the colors are so beautiful! That sounds quite painful, I think I should try that as well 🙂

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