I Have Exciting News!

Tuning in this Tuesday morning to share some exciting news with you *drum ruffle*… I’m the new guest editor at Tête-à-Tête! This awesome Dutch lifestyle platform was founded by two lifestyle journalists, Kiki Duren en Hajar Scholten, who’ve both worked in the field for years. On Tête-à-Tête you’ll find articles about traveling, fashion, motivational people, lifestyle and a whole lot more!

For my first article on the site I’m taking you around my home town Delft to show you some of my favorite cafes, restaurants and conceptstores. The site is in Dutch, but Google Translate seems to do a pretty good job translating the page (if you use Chrome, your browser will automatically ask you if you want to translate the page).
Hotspots Delft Tête-à-Tête
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