#Personal – Arriving in Seoul

SAMSUNG While you are reading this I’ll be asleep in my Korean bunk bed. Usually I post a ‘#Personal’ every friday but since I didn’t do so last friday, and have a lot to tell, I thought I’d might as well post a personal post on thursday instead of friday. Yesterday I arrived in Seoul, South Korea, to study at Hanyang University. I’ll be staying here for almost four months, 111 days to be exact.

To be honest I’m still a bit scared about it all, because now that I’m at the start of it all four months seems like a very long time. My boyfriend Chris will be coming over for sure and my parents might do so as well, but just knowing that I won’t see my house, my country, home town, other family members, friends and kitty for such a long time scares me. According to Chris it will be over in no time and I should enjoy it the max (and to be honest these past two days did fly by). Let me give you a little update of what I did so far.

SAMSUNGMy lovely parents, boyfriend, grandpa and best friend Renate brought me to the airport, which was amazing. The journey to Seoul on the other hand didn’t go very smooth. It all started when I tried to check in online: the systems failed and I couldn’t reserve a seat. I called up the customer survice, yes I’m that kind of person, and they said it should be ok with my ticket.

When I arrived at the airport I was told my second flight (the most important one, the one to Seoul, the one that I was not allowed to mis because I had to check into the dormitory on that day), was overbooked. Luckily, even before I left the Netherlands the ground staff at the gate gave me a seat. Some people that where on stand-by, just like me ended up getting business class seats… that did sting a little, because I was in one of the last seats, which were super cramped. The flight to Korea was smooth and I had my little teddy bear, a gift from Chris, to comfort me on the plane.

When I arrived it took forever to get my luggage, so long that I was scared my arranged pick-up would leave, luckily he didn’t. Me and a French housemate of mine were in the cab together, which was nice. I was most scared of the fact that I would have a roommate, as an only child I’ve never experienced sharing a room with siblings even, so imagine a ‘stranger’. BUT my ‘roommie’ turned out to be AMAZING. She’s super sweet and we have a lot in common, which is nice when you share a room! *Biggest concern crossed of the list*


Chris with the new scarf Renate bought at the airport!


The first day me and my French housemate went out to buy some stuff for the room and later in the evening my roommate, Alex, and another housemate joined us for dinner. Funny enough we had Italian food. It was pretty good, but very expensive for Korean standards.

Today was the introduction at Hanyang university. Alex had been to the campus (it’s like a town on it’s own)  before so the whole house, around 10 people, followed her there. When we arrived it turned out something was wrong with the photo on my student card application sheet, so my card wasn’t printed out. Of course that has to happen to me… I had a printed picture with me and at one of the buildings, it took ages to find it, the university staff could print it out.


In the evening I had an extremely cheap, but super delicious Korean bbq with Alex and our two French housemates! It think we paid around 4 euro ( 5.4 dollar) each. Pictures of that will be up next week. I’m starting to get pretty tired now since I didn’t manage to sleep a lot the past night thanks to my jet lag, so here my #Personal post ends.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 03/03/2013 / 21:42

    Wow, amazing, what a cool place to be, don’t worry I’m sure it will fly by and then you’ll be wishing you could be there longer!

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare 🙂




  2. 02/03/2013 / 12:29

    Veel plezier in Zuid Korea! Je gaat het vast heel erg naar je zin hebben!

  3. 02/03/2013 / 09:14

    Elise geniet van de tijd die je daar bent! Je gaat het super krijgen. XX

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