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It has been a busy and eventful two weeks. I’m back to working part-time in the fashion industry, attended a very important gathering for my work as a journalist and Chris and I celebrated our 1,5 year anniversary. We ate at a restaurant owned by someone Chris met on the plane to Amsterdam. The owners story about using fresh local Dutch ingredients had gotten Chris so enthusiastic that he insisted on eating there. I’m glad we did, because the food was so good that from now on I refuse to eat at any restaurant other than Pure Passie (Pure Passion) whenever we have a special occasion.

food from the wall Holland Yes it’s true, in The Netherlands you can get food from a wall and it tastes amazing. After my journalism event I had gotten so hungry that decided to eat a greasy but o so yummy ‘Broodje Kroket’. Definitely a must-eat when visiting holland.

pure passie uitetenAt Pure Passie located ‘s Gravenzande The Netherlands all dressed up and excited to try the food! 

Pure passie Pure Passie mainly uses fresh, local, Dutch and pure ingredients. Chris and I decided to go for the 3-course surpise menu. This is what the chef surprised us with. 
1. A little freshly baked bread for starters (not included in the menu). The dough was made by a local bakery.
2. Home made aoli and a topping made from olives, pine seeds and other spices.  
3. A cold tomato ‘soup’ with a scoop of elderflower ice cream. (not included in the menu, but a service for every paying customer).
4. Chris starter was slowed cooked roast beef,  carrots in several colors which had been marinated in vegetable stock for an entire night and a wild salad grown by the owner himself. Even the little dots you see on the plate bursted with flavor. 

Pure passie dinner5. My starter was salmon (the best I’ve ever had) together with several vegetables marinated the same way as those on Chris’ plate, together with a quail egg, the wild salad and the flavorful dots of which I can’t exactly remember what they were made. At Pure Passie when choosing the surprise menu you can tell the waiters what food you don’t like and you can choose to between fish, meat or a mixture.
6. We had the same main course : veal from a local farmer, with several vegetables that had been marinated all night.
7. The main course came with marinated potatoes (according to Chris who is big on potatoes the best he ever had) and home made mustard mayonnaise.
8. After that we got a little flower pot filled with apricot cream, chocolate crumbs and a little leaf that had such a delicious flavor I can’t even describe it, totally forgot the name as well. This was a service for all customers and therefore not included in the menu.

Pure Passie dessertThe best dessert ever: home made coconut ice cream, chocolate cake, melon and several creams. The logo was made with grained up, edible purple flower.

Pure Passie teaWe decided to have a tea to end the night with. The best dinner of my life period. Thanks sweetie.

Zuzu treeThe past week my kitty cat Zuzu was allowed out by herself without leash for the first time. She got herself into a tree and didn’t know how to get out, so we had to grab her while balancing on top of a ladder. I must say she does a lot better now and manages to get herself out. Silly kitty.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 24/07/2013 / 19:06

    ziet er ontzettend goed uit zeg! gefeliciteerd met jullie 1,5 jaar samen 😉

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