#Personal – Meet my kitty Gurt

kitty cat

Meet the newest addition to my family: little Gurt, the brown tabby kitten. These past two weeks I haven’t posted a #personal post, so I have a lot to show you all in this one. For example how we introduced tiny Gurt to our residential cat Zuzu, made onion soup from scratch and how I worked like crazy on my journalism work, school and blog. Click further for more adorable kitty pictures!

Red lip day!

The past week I was in the mood for ‘red’. Here I’m wearing the a lipstain from Etude House. I filmed a first impression video on this product that I’ll share with you all later.

Kitty Zuzu

Now let’s get to the kitty story. This is our residential cat Zuzu. We got her from the pet shelter when she was about eight months old. Now she is a sweet 1,5 year old fluffball, that dislikes me with a passion. I’m allowed to pet her, but if I dare to pick her up she’ll start growling and biting. My dad however can throw her in the air (not literally), squeeze and cuddle her. All while she happily keeps purring. I never experienced a cat like this. Usually traumatized, scared and cats with an anger issues have always taken to me. It may sound silly but, as a cat lover, her constant rejection made me pretty sad.

cyperse kitten

I really wanted to have my own cuddle ball and Zuzu seeks the company of other animals (she’s best friends with the neighbors dog) all the time so we decided to look for another kitty. We ended up at a different pet shelter this time and our consultant there advised us to get a little kitten. She said that, if raised well, a younger cat can show the older cat with issues how to behave like a proper cat. Little Gurt was put into my arms and I instantly fell in love. We only came to look at cats and to get some advice, but we ended up bringing a tabby kitten home. It was one of the best decisions I ever made!

working hard

Gurt and Zuzu had to be a separated for at least a week, so I between cuddling extensively with Gurt I worked extra hard on my school, work and blog. Which all involve writing articles. As you can see a lot of tea bags were sacrificed.

Home made union soup

For dinner I decided to make myself and Chris onion soup from scratch. It keeps getting better every time we make it.

Chocolate chip cookie with ice cream

Staying true to his American origin Chris made some delicious American Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla ice cream. Chris loves his chewy, but I prefer mine a bit more crunchy (with a soft inside!).  Read his recipe with a ‘Dutch’ twist here.

First meeting residential cat with new kitten

After a week, and lots of research on ‘how to introduce older residential cat to younger kitten’, it was time to introduce Zuzu and Gurt to each other. I prepared myself for a lot of hissing and sissing from our residential cat Zuzu, because that’s what you read online.  But the only thing Zuzu did was stare interested at Gurt and sniff him. Gurt on the other hand was a little scared.

young kitty eating with older cat

I think didn’t take Gurt long to get over his fears. After a few meetings in Gurt’s little room the two were happily eating together already.

Big cat licking tiny kitten

It turned out we were right about Zuzu wanting to have company. She absolutely loves licking Gurt from head to toe. Unfortunately Gurt is too playful to accept Zuzu’s licking, but in the above pictured she finally managed to pin him down haha. Sometimes he obliges, but when she finally gets done bathing him and tries to sleep peacefully with him in her paws he will start kicking her head to play. Poor Zuzu.

school voor journalistiek

Half of the editorial staff from our school project. We are creating a magazine from which several articles will most likely be published. Our degree is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun because as a journalism student (and in my case also already working as a journalist) we get to do a lot of interesting stuff.

Tea at school

Our group consists of girls only, so we understand each other: when hard at work you need tea! One of the girls brought a water boiler and everyone else brings new tea bags every week!

Bath and Body works candles

While hard at work I love burning my Bath&Body Works candles that I brought home from the States. Unfortunately my dad developed a mild case of scent allergy (it really exists…) after having a non cosmetic nose surgery. This allergy causes him to feel suffocated whenever he’s around fabricated scents. This means I can only burn my candles at Chris’ place.

fruuty loops

This picture of Chris’ chemical breakfast got many likes on my Instagram. It may look colorful, but I personally hate the taste of this cereal (and the idea that I’m eating extremely chemical stuff).

sleeping tabby kitten

And this was my #personal post for this week again. Gurt wishes you all a good night.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 29/10/2013 / 00:01

    Your cats are adorable! I am the mother of one cat, and a dog. I can honestly watch them interact for hours. It is so fascinating! And the food looks so yummy! Do you post recipes?

    • 23/10/2013 / 13:26

      Your comment ended up in spam because of the links. However I like your blog so I’m following you on Bloglovin 🙂 I only follow back someone else blog if I honestly like it.

    • 16/10/2013 / 23:35

      Having a kitty is great, but if you want to get a kitten like me you need to be home a lot. I must admit that if my mom wasn’t a stay at home mom we wouldn’t have gotten a little kitten. However getting an older cat would be totally fine for you! Go to your local pet shelter and have them inform you. Some cats love quiet homes 🙂

  2. 15/10/2013 / 19:25

    Loved the kitty pictures, so sweet to see them cuddling together! 🙂

  3. 15/10/2013 / 13:52

    aaaaah lief is Kurt! Heel interessant dat je alles zo beschrijft wat je in het dagelijks leven bezighoudt. Die foto van ons is zooooo sweet! Leuke redactie hebben we! X

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