#Personal – Mountain Goat

A quick update of what I’ve been doing in Seoul so far. Two weeks have almost passed already, can you believe it? I’m happy that time is flying, because that indicates that I’m having quite a good time right? To be honest I didn’t take a lot of pictures yet. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by what I see (or super annoyed by the high hills I’ve to climb up in order to reach the university) that I just forget to snap a picture!

My first week of class is behind me and I can honestly say that it was interesting. At home my major is journalism, but at Hanyang university I’m in the Business department. I did so because I want to learn a bit more about economics, something that can be quite useful in the world of journalism and also to have a ‘back-up plan’ if a career in journalism doesn’t work out the way it want it to. Some of the classes will be a bit difficult but others I expect to pass without difficulty. Not all of the teachers speak good English, which at times can be a bit annoying, but luckily none of them mind repeating their words if me or someone else doesn’t understand it.

Hanyang university is located upon a hill. Everyday I have to climb up at least hundred meters. I’m probably exaggerating, but it sure feels like hundred meters. I totally feel like a mountain goat whenever I’m making my way to class. Dutch people are just not designed to climb ok? (I live 5 meter below sea level, and for those of you that don’t know: the Netherlands is as flat as a pancake). Chris is really happy about my daily hikes, telling me it’s good practice for when we are gonna climb up a real mountain, which is in fact true. I think hiking up a mountain will be a piece of cake after I finish my semester here lol 😛 Can’t wait till Chris is here!

One thing that I found out during the past days is that I’m not a big fan of Korean food… I love Korean BBQ (fried bacon wrapped in lettuce with onion and other side dishes), but that’s about it.. Most of the dishes are either very spicy or very greasy. I might start to appreciate the food more later on, but for now my tummy isn’t enjoying Korean food too much. The herbal tea that they make here from scratch on the other hand is great. We had a cup last week in a traditional tea house in Insadong, a more ‘indie’ area, and it was amazing! Can’t wait to go back there.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


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