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American cemetery Margraten Second World War

Two days ago the world marked twelve years since 9/11. Reading all the news articles reminded me again of how much hate there is in this world. Seeing what the victims had to go through that day is heartbreaking.  Me and Chris visited Margraten in the province Limburg last year. One of the most impressive American Cemeteries, were many soldiers that lost their life’s fighting for my countries freedom lay, is located here. With this post I want to honor all the victims of 9/11 and  and other wars and terrors that our world has had to deal with and still is dealing with.

This post is a re-written post from my old, no longer online blog. The reason for this re-porst is that I feel that these pictures and the message that comes with them is too important to be kept offline. 

American graves Margraten

This is just a small section of the 8.301 graves. There are 8.302 American soldiers buried here, two of them were buried together in an anonymous grave. 

Schermafbeelding 2012-09-13 om 20.39.41

George J peters medal of honor

George J. Peters is recipient of the United States military’s highest decoration – the medal of honor. He earned this by sacrificing life for his fellow soldiers.  George J. Peters and ten others landed extremely close to a German machine gun supported by riffle men. When all hope seemed lost Peters began a 1-man charge against the enemy, armed only with a rifle and grenades. This drew the enemy fire away from his comrades. Even when his legs were severely injured he kept crawling towards the Germans. Through this he saved the other soldiers that were with him that day.  Peters is one of the four soldiers that were laid to rest in the cemetery in Margraten that received a medal of honor.

The majority of the graves are marked by crosses, on some however stands a Jewish star. I feel that it’s beautiful that respect was paid to the religion of every single fallen soldier.

Chris Margraten American Cemetery
The entire American Cementery in Margraten is actually American property. It is open daily to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except December 25 and January 1. During the visiting hours  a staff member is on duty in the visitor building, next to the entrance, to answer questions and escort relatives to grave and memorial sites.

Schermafbeelding 2012-09-13 om 20.38.51

I want to state again that I feel very thankful towards the people that sacrificed their life for the freedom of my country and myself.  Thank you for letting me live in a free country. I hope that there will be a day too that we will be saved from the terrorist movement that is responsible for 9/11.

May the American soldiers that lay in Margraten rest in peace.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman
How to get there?
The cemetery is very near Maastricht and is best reached by car. Parking is free.  
Amerikaanse Begraafplaats 1  6269 NA Migraten, Nederland
+31 43 458 1208


  1. 14/09/2013 / 19:26

    This post made me seriously tear up. Thank you for this lovely writing.

  2. 14/09/2013 / 18:47

    Mooi geschreven Elise! Lijkt me best indrukwekkend om daar te staan tussen alle graven

    • 14/09/2013 / 22:42

      Dat is het zeker ook! Mocht je nog een keer een weekendje naar Maastricht gaan met de auto, moet je zeker hier even langs gaan!

  3. 14/09/2013 / 11:36

    prachtige foto’s !

  4. 14/09/2013 / 07:27

    Hele mooie indrukwekkende foto’s heb je gemaakt!

    • 14/09/2013 / 22:43

      Thank you 🙂 er zijn er overigens ook een paar door mijn vriend gemaakt.

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