Visiting The Dutch Tulip Fields

Googled ‘Tulip Quote’ to find a nice sentence to start off this post. As you can tell I couldn’t find one haha. It has been a really long time since I last blogged. In January I started a pre-master (a bridge year between one degree and another). Studying always came relatively easy to me, but this premaster was/is something else. The workload became too much to handle together with blogging daily. I have to pass this premaster in half a year in order to start my master’s degree. Currently I’m still quite busy, but I do have a bit more free time than before. This means that The Beauty Suitcase is BACK! I can’t promise daily updates, but I’m going to try my best to update as frequent as possible.

Starting off this blogpost with a patriotic post about the Dutch tulip/flower fields. Every year around April/May the area between Leiden and Amsterdam known as “De Bollenstreek” (Dutch for “Bulb Region”) is packed with the loveliest flowers. Mainly tulips. This year my boyfriend Chris and I decided to visit. Once with an international colleague/friend and once with a bunch of friends who came over from Spain. I compiled both visits in this post.

All photos in this post belong to Chris by the way. If you want to use them feel free to shoot me an e-mail (see about section). Please don’t use them without our permission.

bikers tulip fields The Netherlands
So these two decided to bike all the way to the tulip fields and back. A total ride of 100 km. As you can see me and Chris’ colleague’s girlfriend (that’s a mouthful haha) decided to take the scooter.

Dutch Tulips Dutchie in tulip field

Found this amazing clip of the Dutch flower fields filmed by drone. I commute by train to university and this comes really close to the view I saw from the window every single day for the past month. I think I like the view of the flower fields from afar the best. The colors of the flowers are so bright, that almost looks fake!

Couple in tulip fields

 pretty tulip fields
I absolutely love the shape of these tulips! So unique looking. If you’re a tourist and you don’t have a car/bike to drive around you can also visit Keukenhof, which is one of the largest flower gardens. It is only open a couple weeks a year in spring, so make sure to check before you embark on a trip there! It is very touristic (but still very pretty) so getting there is super easy. I believe that you can take several forms of public transport there.

purple and white tulip orange tulip fields
I’ve been trying to think which color flower field is my favorite among these all, but I really can’t decide! I just love the mosaic of colors. My favorite combination is probably baby pink, purple and deep pink/red.

Red tulips yellow flower fields

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With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 04/06/2015 / 14:33

    So glad to read from you 😀 Ah the difficult bridge year, teachers already warned us for trajects like those in high school. Wonderful tullips and 100 km is nothing to be shy about. Only place where I get to see tulips by the dozen is in the Efteling, such an amzing sight – less than this though.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      04/06/2015 / 15:14

      Glad to read your comments again as well! Yeah they are pretty though! I definitely recommend visiting the fields up north once!

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