Things I’d like to do & see in NYC

Times Square, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty and Broadway are all on my list of things to see and do in New York, but while doing research (or should I say while my boyfriend Chris did research) for our trip to NYC (that is right around the corner!) I’ve also come across a few ‘less typical’ must-sees that I would love to share with you all! I mean have you ever heard of a  park build upon an old railway track that runs through the city? I hadn’t! Please keep in mind though that I’m a total New York City Newbie, so for those of you seasoned New York Goers my must-sees might not be anything new.

Walk the High Line

New York High Lane
Cropped version of original photo by Michela Simoncini, Licensed under Creative Commons License, Commercial Use Allowed.

One of the things I want to do most in New York is walk (part) of the High Line, 1.45 miles of railroad track turned park. The park has a major hipster feel to it. To me it just seems very cool to walk over this elevated park in a city like New York! I read that the High Line can at times be very busy and Chris’ dad can’t walk for too long, but I still hope that we will get the chance to at least have a peek of the High Line!

9/11 Memorial & Museum 

9:11 memorial New York



Original Photo by Tom Hart, Licensed under Creative Commons License, Commercial Use Allowed.

I was only two months shy from turning 9 years old when the 9/11 attacks took place, but I remember the burning towers and the look on the faces of  my parents af if it was yesterday. Even today I still can’t fully imagine the terror that the people inside and outside the buildings must have felt  (I don’t think I ever will) or what it’s like to see such large buildings collapse right in a city as big and busy as New York. But by visiting the 9/11 memorial and museum I hope to get a better understanding of this terrible event.

The museum is located seven stories underground at the base of the original Twin Towers. Here pictures and biographies of everyone that died in the attacks are displayed. I read that even those of the terrorists are up there. Not to honor them, but for the world to never forget who caused this terror.

 Carlo’s Bakery 

Carlo's Bakery
Original photo by Derek Purdy, Licensed under Creative Commons License, Commercial Use Allowed.

Who doesn’t know TLC’s famous show Cake Boss? The store that you see in the show is located in New York! Chris loves cannolis and I’m just a major fan girl so we both would love to visit Carlo’s Bakery. The original store is a little far from Manhattan, but they’ve also opened a second bakery – Cake Boss Cafe – on Times Square and since we are staying only a four minute walk from Times Square I will for sure visit this one!

Find a Rooftop And Take Outfit Pictures Like These

How cool would it be if we manage to find a rooftop and shoot outfit pictures for the blog with the skyline of New York in the background like Miranda Kerr did for Mango’s 2013 Fall Campaign? I know that the chance of this little plan of mine actually succeeding is small, but shoot me an email if you guys happen to know of any accessible rooftops or you happen to own a rooftop apartment with a view of the New York skyline haha!

Have you ever been to New York City? If so, what are in your opinion the must-sees? 

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

Featured Imagine is an original photo by Terry Robinson Licensed under Creative Commons License, Commercial Use Allowed.

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  1. 12/12/2014 / 16:04

    Wat een mooie plannen! Ik ben zelf nog nooit in New York geweest, maar ik zou er wel graag een keer heen willen! Ben benieuwd of het jullie gaat lukken om outfit foto’s met de New York skyline als achtergrond te maken, dat zou wel supergaaf zijn voor op je blog inderdaad! Heel veel plezier in ieder geval!

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