Valencia Travel Report

My boyfriend Chris and I were invited by our Spanish friend Marti to visit him in Spain last month. Marti lives near Valencia and gave us a tour of this lovely coast town. Come along as we visit the City of Arts and Sciences, the historical city centre and – of course – the beach!


City of Arts and Sciences Valencia Spain
A must-see when visiting Valencia is of course the City of Arts and Sciences. This park filled to the brim with scientific innovations and is even interesting even when viewed only from the outside. The building on the left usually looks a lot less ‘bald’, but unfortunately the shiny coverage had fallen off before our visit and is yet to be replaced.

Park Science Museum Valencia
I’m going to be honest with you guys: I had expected this science park to be a little bit ‘grander’. It might have been because one of the eye-catching buildings looked a little less pretty than I expected with all that plain concrete being exposed. Nevertheless I still think that the City of Arts and Sciences is impressive, especially at night when all the building are light up! And I could imagine that the surrounding park would be a great place to lounge during the summer.

elise science centre Valencia Sciences Eye
Can you see what this building is supposed to be? It’s an eye! I thought this was one of the coolest parts of the whole complex! Once you realize what the building is supposed to be it really feels like a peeking eye rising from the water.

Valencia City of Arts and Sciences
How cool is this silhouette picture that my boyfriend Chris took?! Here I’m drinking Horchata, a traditional Valencian drink made with almonds and tiger nuts (chufas). It has a very particular flavor: you either love it or you hate it! I liked it quite a bit! It tasted unlike anything I’ve ever had before. A sweet earthy version of the Japanese invented drink Yakult, is the best description I can give.


Valencia city centre
After visiting the City of Arts and Sciences we went to the gorgeous city centre of Valencia. We unfortunately didn’t have much time, but the few places that we did see where absolutely stunning. Valencia is a big town, but because of the old buildings and the many sidewalks it feels quite intimate.

Spain Valencia Walking through Valencia Church Valencia
Catholic Church Valencia
Whenever I visit a big city I always like to take a peek into the major church of that town. Catedral de Santa María de Valencia is absolutely stunning. Spain is of course a Catholic country and I must say that their – from what I’ve seen – are even more impressive than the Dutch Catholic churches! There were so many stunning decorations! 


Valencia Beach
And even in winter a visit to Valencia is not complete without having set foot on the beach! We had lovely weather, but unfortunately it wasn’t warm enough that day to jump into the ocean. And even if it had been warm enough it would have of no use: we forgot or swimsuits!

Valencia writing in the sand
Bodega La Pascuala
If you are looking for a great and affordable lunch place I highly recommend you to go to Bodega La Pascuala! They have the biggest -a whole french baguette – and most delicious sandwiches ever here for less than five euro! However, the people working there don’t speak English nor is the menu in English so if you don’t speak Spanish ordering might become a case of ‘close your eyes and point a random sandwich’ haha (they’re all delicious anyways)!

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With Love,

Elise Mooijman

P.s. A big THANK YOU to our friend Marti for showing us around this beautiful Spanish city and to our other friend Dani for traveling all the way from Madrid to meet up with us! We had an amazing time! 



  1. Martí
    06/12/2014 / 11:00

    😀 You are more than welcome to come back anytime you want 🙂
    But some comments:
    Horchata has no almonds, only tiger nuts and sugar.
    And I wouldn’t call Valencia a town, acording to Wikipedia has more population than Rotterdam or Den Haag.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      06/12/2014 / 11:02

      Thank you Marti!! Haha I’ll change that. I always forget that there is a difference between town and city. The almonds were listed on Wikipedia as well xp!

  2. 05/12/2014 / 12:34

    Wat een mooie foto’s! Valencia lijkt me echt heel mooi! En wat cool dat gebouw in de vorm van een oog!

  3. Brittany
    04/12/2014 / 15:38

    What a cool city!

  4. Brittany
    04/12/2014 / 15:38

    What a cool city!

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