Love food trucks? Go to Camden Lock London

Camden Town stores Camden Lock
Camden Town London
London Food Truck inside Camden Lock

Camden Town market

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When it comes down to food nothing, besides brunch maybe, makes me more excited than food trucks. Tucked away between several buildings you’ll find Camden Lock Market, where vendors from all over the world are selling the most delicious street food. Think smokey pulled pork on a fluffy bun, delicious falafel wraps and of course fish and chips. Definitely take your time to explore all the stalls before making your pick, as there is so much to choose from. But, then again, who said you can only have one dish haha!?

The area around the Lock is known as Camden Town and is also worth a visit. Here you’ll find lots of (unique) souvenir stalls, art work and vintage stores. Although the place definitely has an alternative vibe to it, over the years it has become a bit more touristic. On a warm sunny day navigating your way around becomes a challenge as the markets are buzzing with people. That aside, I feel like Camden Town is totally worth a visit, especially if you are looking for some great food and want to do something other than visit the usual landmarks.

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