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Bonjour! After London it is now time to take you around Paris. I was there for around one week. First to shoot for the blog with my boyfriend/photographer Chris (who suggested to take the above photo and then pulled a ‘I am not interested’ face…)  and then to just relax with my good friends from Finland. Being able to travel everywhere in Europe within hours is something I absolutely love about living in The Netherlands. Chris and I did a lot of fashion and street photography while in Paris, so in this post I want to give you look ‘behind-the-scenes’.


Jardins du Palais Royal Outfit Jardin du Palais Royal
Jardin du Paleis Royal is probably one of my favorite spots in all of Paris. We went there to try out Cafe Kitsune (more on that in an upcoming post), which is a famous Japanese cafe. The atmosphere at the park was amazing. Locals were sitting around the fountain reading a book or simply basking in the sun. You are in the heart of Paris, but away from the hustle and bustle. It almost feels as if time goes a little bit slower in this park. I highly recommend visiting and having a coffee at Cafe Kitsune or one of the other cafes. You’ll be able to find all details of the above outfit in tomorrow’s outfit post!

Louvre Paris
Outfit Louvre
We went to the Louvre to do some outfit photography. The above photo is a test shot, as the coat and sunglasses were not part of the outfit. One of the things you’ll encounter, for example, when shooting fashion is that the weather often does not cooperates. I wanted to shoot a summery dress, but unfortunately it was a bit chilly, albeit sunny. If you want to do photography at the Louvre yourself I recommend to either go really early (be there around 07.00) or shoot at the opposite side of the entrance, that way you have most chance of capturing a tourist-free photo.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim
Asian brides Paris
“Chris, look! There is a couple taking wedding photos on the bridge!”, I shouted. “And there is another couple! What a coincidence!”, Chris answered. After that we saw about five or so more couples and learned from a photographer that the Pont de Bir-Hakeim is really popular among Chinese couples for wedding photography.  He told us that on a weekend it is possible to see more than 15 couples shooting at the same time! Madness, isn’t it? Quite an entertaining scenery to watch if I may say so! Click here to see more photos from the above shoot we did.

Paris metro Pretty Damn Good
Ending this post with a travel-tip: when in Paris buy a package of ten metro cards instead of a day pass. I don’t remember the exact price of the day pass at the station, but online it is around 12 euro. Even us, who were traveling around shooting in different locations, were not going to be using the metro more than ten times a day. Also stations in the French capital might not always be the cleanest, but taking the metro to go places is by far the most convenient way of transportation. Ubers are nice, but traffic gets a little crazy like it does in all big cities. On a last note: I’m so happy with the above photo I took of the Eiffel Tower haha! I just love how the colors seem to really pop of the screen!

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