Touristing around London – Part I

London Underground
museum London

London museum
church London
Buckingham palace London guards P1180459

Usually I like visiting little cafes and ‘undiscovered’ spots when on a city trip, but this time we did it the tourist way. I mean, do you even have a choice when your ‘in-laws’ come over from the United States? On the first day we spend in London we:

  1. Paid a visit to the National History Museum. One thing I love about London is that museums are FREE . How nice is that? I’m not a big fan of art museums, but I love more interactive ones. The National History Museum also makes for a pretty good photo spot.
  2. Went St Paul’s Cathedral and witnessed a service. It was nice to sit down for the service, instead of just walking in and out of the church. You can take in the architectural beauty of the building, while also learning a bit about the religion.
  3. Saw the change of the guards in front of Buckingham Palace. It does not get much more touristy than that right? All jokes aside, it was quite an impressive event to see!

Hope you liked this little photo impression of London. If you love food trucks stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as I have a post lined up on Camden Town! You can expect part II of ‘Touristing around London” on Thursday.

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