5 Awesome (Veggie) Places To Eat In London

Looking for a place to eat in London that also offers vegetarian and vegan options? I found five places where you can brunch or dine until your heart’s content! Places with a plant-based menu often get very creative with food options in my opinion as not being able to serve your traditional meat, vegetable and potato dish forces them to go off the beaten path. Just to clarify: I am not a vegetarian/vegan myself. However, I try to eat as little meat as possible (let’s just say it is an animal-lover-guilt-thing…) and I do not like cheese (*gasp*). Besides, eating more veggies never hurts right?


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What can I say, I’m a HUGE fan of Ella Woodward, better known as ‘Deliciously Ella’. I once read an article in the Daily Mail about how she healed her rare medical condition by eating vegan, cutting out refined products and gluten. I was brought up with a healthy dose of skepticism, but found Ella’s story to be eye-opening. Although eating her way probably does not work for everybody, it did inspire me to learn more about the power of food. Ella introduced me to vegan cooking and her recipes are just devine and super simple. Now that Ella has opened her own food heaven named Mae’s Deli together with her husband I simply can’t wait to visit! 


I started writing this post before I went to London, but did not finish it because of the blog’s hiatus. This placed should have been ‘crossed off’ the list, but I decided to include it anyways as I thought it would be fun to share some of my before and after thoughts.

Before: “I’ve always been a big fan of Jamie Oliver and have always wanted to eat at one of his restaurants. After seeing some of my favorite English vloggers go to Jamie’s Italian for dinner multiple times I’m even more convinced: we need to eat here! Also I just looked at the menu and all of the dishes are fairly affordable. I think my top two picks would be Jamie’s Italian at Convent Garden or at Piccadilly. Not sure which one to choose yet!”

After: Did the food meet my expectations? Absolutely! We picked Covent Garden and had to wait for half an hour, which I had kind of anticipated as we did not have a reservation. The atmosphere inside the restaurant was lovely. The only thing that could have been better was the portion sizes. I felt like the dishes were slightly to small. On a sweeter note: if you love dessert like I do, I highly recommend you to order the Chocolate, Peer & Honeycomb Pavlov. Best dessert I ever ate. So good that I forgot to take any food pictures myself.

3. 26 GRAINS

26 grains
No better way to start your day than with a warm, steaming bowl of oat meal decorated with the most delicious toppings! I eat oat meal for breakfast almost every day and I must admit that I am kind of stuck on two variations: banana with cinnamon or apple with cinnamon and home-made berry sauce. The peeps at 26 Grains, however, get a whole lot more creative with oat meal – or shall I say Porridge – than I do! Think, for example, Coconut Short Grain Brown Rice w/ Black Tahini and 3 Grain Blood Orange and Cacao Crumble paired with an Almond Turmeric Latte or Buckwheat Oat Porridge, Rhubarb, Cardamom Granola and Tahini Yogurt. Ellora Virtue from Expllora shot this amazing photo and was so nice to let me use it in this blog post. Definitely check out her awesome blog!


Camden Food Market
At Camden Lock Market you’ll find something for everyone: smokey pulled pork on a fluffy bun, delicious falafel wraps and of course fish and chips. You could read all about this hidden food market in one of my previous posts, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But let me say this: if you love food trucks and street food from all over the world, Camden Lock Market is the place to go!


Beany Green is one of my latest food discoveries in London. This is what the critics at TimeOut had to say about it:

“It’s brunch time all of the time for Beany Green at the weekend. The Australian café in Broadgate Circus lays on a killer all-day menu which moves from summer porridge to banana bread sarnies filled with mascarpone, berries and almonds. Their ‘fancy’ bacon roll includes the Rib Man’s Holy Fuck sauce in hollandaise form. And of course they slice and dice the avocado every which way (that’s just Aussie rules), and serve it on charcoal sourdough (it’s good for you, okay?). If this brunch spot doesn’t have you feeling sunny, we don’t know what will.” – 

Doesn’t sound bad right?

That marks the end of my UK series here on From My Suitcase! Hope you enjoyed all the posts the past week. Stay tuned for a ton of posts about Paris! Check my Instagram to get a look behind the scenes!

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