5 Places to Visit in the UK + Announcement

I might have been watching a little too many Zoella videos or reading the Daily Mail a bit too often, because I’m currently OBSESSED with looking at holiday destinations/things to do in the United Kingdom. It might also have something to do with the fact that I paid a last-minute visit to London with my boyfriend Chris and his parents when they came over from the United States. I’ve been to London once before, back when I was still very young and clueless about traveling. Instead of keeping a mental note of all the things I still want to do/see in the UK I decided to create a list here on the blog.

I also have a little announcement to make: this week is UK week on From My Suitcase! Today you can read all about the places I’ve been wanting to visit, and tomorrow I’ll take you around London. Also coming up is a post on Camden Lock where you can eat the most delicious street food. Stayed tuned for lots of travel posts! But for now, lets dive into the list of places I still want to visit!


Harry Potter Studios

Diagon Alley” by Gary Bembridge, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

I didn’t know about the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London until one of my favorite Malaysian bloggers FourFeetNine wrote a blogpost about it! She has been there while she is from Malaysia and I basically live NEXT door to England… shame on me haha! At the studios you get to go ‘behind-the-scenes’ and see things like the original Hogwarts Express, the Great Hall, a lot of the costumes worn by the actors, and of course Diagon Alley.

When I was in London with Chris’ parents we did not go to the Harry Potter Studios, as it is not in the centre of London and we only had a couple of days in the city. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, so we are probably going to make a separate trip to London just to visit the studios (and eat at Camden again, more on that later).



Don’t you love being hit by that amazing Lush smell when you walk through a shopping district? Well, imagine that times one honderd, because the Lush store on Oxford Street in London is the largest in the world. The store has a whopping three floors filled with colorful goodies, of which several can be exclusively bought at this branch. What is your favorite Lush product? Mine currently is the ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ facial cleanser.


Arlington Row

“Arlington Row” by Jon Mountjoy, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

The cottages on Arlington Row in Bibury are the most photographed houses in all of Britain. And if you look at the above photo you can probably understand why. For some reason these old cottages remind me of The Hobbit. A human version of Bag End maybe? I’m always drawn to place like this and would love to do some photography there!

“Wales Puffin” by Ramon Harkema, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Ever since I did a paper on puffins in elementary school I’ve been obsessed with them. Aren’t their clown-like faces adorable? Puffins spend there lives at sea, but during breading season (from March until July) they come to shore. There are several locations all over Scotland, Wales and England where you can watch puffins. And even if you don’t care for Puffins, visiting their living quarters – stunning cliffs – would be a real treat on its own, I assume.


Hiking the Fairy Pools

“Hiking the Fairy Pools” by Daniel Stockman, licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you were a mischievous fairly with eternal life and the power to enthral people, it’d make great sense to live here, bewitching passing walkers to take off all their clothes.” – The Guardian. Along a trail at the foot of the Black Cuillins several of these enhancing fairy pools can be found. Ever since I visited Sequoia and Yosemite national park I’ve been really into hiking. How nice would it be to hike in such a magical place?

I realize that there are many, many more places to visit in the UK. This is just my current wish list. Leave me a comment if you know of other places I definitely MUST visit in the future.

With Love,



  1. 13/07/2016 / 18:53

    The Hobbit indeed and those pools are very attractive! Just came back from London but I’ve only done the mainstream touristy stuff and nothing from this list, of which every item is completely new for me. Very fun that you’re sharing this information.

  2. Klaas
    12/07/2016 / 02:50

    Hello Elise (and Chris),
    Nice post! The UK is a very nice place for holidays for sure, and especially Scotland.
    Please allow me to give some hints about Scotland.
    First about the fairy pools: I did it last year and i have to say it’s not really worth it. The place is pretty much a tourist trap. The whole trail to the pools is overcrowded, and when you get there, the pools are a bit of a disappointment. They’re very small, and you have to share the view with 100 others. Basically it’s just a small waterfall in a small mountain river. I didn’t find anything ‘fairy’ about it, having all the tourists around it.
    There are much nicer places/hikes on Skye, such as the one which starts just a tiny bit more South of the fairy pools, at the Glenbrittle House. It follows the river all the way to Coire na Banachdich. Get an Ordnance Survey map to find the trail :-).
    Another nice hike on Skye is more North on the Island around the Old Man of Storr.

    If you want to see Puffins you have to go in June and early July, cause later than that they’re on the water. Still you might find some in the Orkneys. We went at the end of July last year and were lucky to find the last 3 puffins still ashore in the northeastern part of the Mainland of Orkney.
    Either way the Orkneys are worth a visit as well. We did a beautiful hike on the isle of Hoy towards a seastack called The Old Man of Hoy.
    Scotland is great for a roadtrip/camping holiday.

    Anyway :-). Have fun in GB and generally, the more North you go the more beautiful it gets.
    Cheers from Belgium

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