[FIRST IMPRESSION + REVIEW] EM Michelle Phan Shade Play Concealer Palette


EM Michelle Phan recently started shipping to Europe which gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about the Shade Play Concealer Palette that I bought on Black Friday. When I got my concealer together with the Life Palette EM Cosmetics didn’t ship to Europe yet, so I had mine delivered to the house of my boyfriend’s parents in the USA (and picked it up during Christmas!). I filmed my first ever ‘first impression’ video and wrote a review down below after using the palette for two months. Please check it out after the click!


EM Michelle Concealer Palette Fair

I’m sorry for not taking a picture before using the Shade Play Concealer Palette. While filming my first impression review I got so enthusiastic that I wanted to started using this palette immediately! Before filming I hadn’t read up too much about the palette so in the video I didn’t explain that color number 1. is a yellow corrector and number 2. is a peach neutralizer. I however use 2. to contour with.


The coverage is quite amazing isn’t it? I bought my palette during the Black Friday sale – 50 dollars off on every 100 dollars you’d spend – which saw me spend only $50 for both the Shade Play Concealer Palette – then costing $30 (now $28) –  and the Nigh Life Palette – then $75 (now $59). Keep and eye out for an in-depth review of the Night Life Palette!


And this is the palette after two months of being well-loved. As you can see the main color is almost finished. I also mentioned in my first impression video that I wish that the individual concealers could be taken out so that you could put them into the little travel palette that comes with the Life Palettes. Also it would be nice if EM sold the concealers individually, so that I could replace the main color. I’m a lot less likely to repurchase with all the other colors still having so much product left.

Regarding to Michelle Phan shipping to Europe  I did want to say that it is through a third party. You can read all about it here on her website.


Packaging – very high quality
Amount of product – because of its texture this product gets used up relatively fast.
Texture – smooth, butter-like, does not dry out your skin.
Application – very easy, blends well into the skin
Coverage – high and buildable.
Lasts –  I can’t make a valid statement about how long this product lasts as I always catch myself rubbing my eyes.
Creasing – after application it goes into your creases (I did not expect this as you can tell from the video above). However, after blending the excess product into your skin again it does not crease anymore.
Other colors available? – yes, there are three other colors. The full collection consists of fair, light, medium and dark.
Price vs Product – Em Michelle Phan is not cheap, but you have to keep in mind that it is a high-end product. A smaller concealer palette by Lancôme (also part of L’oreal Group) costs around $38 (± €27). However, for $28 (± €20) I do expect a concealer that doesn’t crease at all and unfortunately that is something I can’t say about the EM Michelle Phan Shade Play Concealer.
Would I buy it again? If I found yet another good deal I for sure would – keep in mind that I am a frugal Dutch student haha! – but I don’t think I, at this stage of my life, would pay full price for it.

Shade Play Concealer Mixing Palette by EM Michelle Phan/± €20,24 – $28/ emcosmetics.com

With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. T
    02/07/2014 / 21:36

    What color palette did you get?

  2. 27/04/2014 / 18:38

    The packaging looks pretty cheap, but the product looks great! Now I want to order it!!

    • 27/04/2014 / 18:46

      It’s not as cheap as it looks in photos! It’s very sturdy and heavy, and it has a magnetic closing system!

  3. The Beauty Magazine
    27/04/2014 / 16:25

    Super leuke video! Het lijkt mij een fijn palette, hoewel hij volgens mij echt veel te snel op zou zijn bij mij.

    • 27/04/2014 / 18:45

      Ja dat is best wel een nadeel… gaat echt snel! En zoals ik schreef kun je helaas ook geen losse concealers kopen…

  4. 27/04/2014 / 12:31

    You sound enthusiastic, I’m glad you like the palette so much!

    • 27/04/2014 / 05:17

      With more exclusive do you mean more high-end looking? Because it doesn’t look very high quality, but once you hold it you can definitely tell that it is. It’s very heavy. And thank you! Glad you enjoyed

  5. 26/04/2014 / 19:53

    Thanks for your thorough opinion on this palette!

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