The Netherlands: Maastricht

The capitol of the Dutch province Limburg is Maastricht. It’s a very old city. You will definitely like Maastricht if you love cities that have a medieval feel to them. I personally love feeling like I’ve gone back in time, walking through narrow streets over little brick roads. It almost makes you feel like a medieval princes! Bring your prince and the trip can begin (of course you can also bring your fellow princesses or just go by yourself).

Every medieval city is build around a church. I highly recommend to note down a visit to one of these churches on your travel list!  Dutch churches are not as strict as for example Italian ones when it comes down to what kind of garments you wear. It’s better to wear a shirt that covers your shoulders and you might wanna leave your hot pants at home, but even if you don’t there will be many churches that would still let you in.

Can you believe how high this church is?

When I’m in the United States romantic café’s are the thing I miss most. It is so nice to sit down for a drink while being surrounded by so much history!

Cute pigeons waiting to be fed. I don’t understand how some people hate pigeons or call them flying rats. I personally love them! I mean how can you hate something that symbolizes for freedom?

Limburg is famous for their beer. During summer (and even on a sunny winter day) these terraces are packed.

Chris tried to be artistic with this shot, I think it worked out pretty well didn’t it?

If I had to choose my favorite picture out of all of the ones in this post it would be this one. Ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by willow trees. The way their branches hang over water and sway in the wind, it’s just magical. This one reminded me of the Old Willow Tree in Part I of the Lord of the Rings!

The bricks you see here are called ‘kinderkoppen’ which literarily translated means children’s heads. Rather lugubrious isn’t it? I tried looking up on the internet why we call these bricks kinderkoppen, but I couldn’t find an answer. If you happen to know leave me a comment!

At the end of the day I was exhausted from all the walking we did so I decided tak take a little nap. I am the kind of person that doesn’t really care what others (especially strangers on the street) think. Being shameless to a certain extent can be rather liberating.

This picture is taken from a broken window of an old empty factory. There are many many abandoned factories like this on the outskirts of the city. At the front of one of them an artist was living. He told us not to go inside these halls, because of junkies and drugs dealers hanging out here.

I must say that I was still kind of temped to go inside. For some reason I’m always drawn to abandoned places… No wonder I am Legend is one of my favourite movies. I mean who wouldn’t want to walk through a town that is completely abandoned and where time has stood still?!

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With Love,
Elise Mooijman


  1. 09/01/2015 / 18:10

    Mooie foto’s weer! Leuk ook dat ik sommige plekken herken; ik ben ook al eens een dagje naar Maastricht geweest en het is een prachtige stad. Vooral de terrasjes vind ik erg gezellig, krijg er echt zo’n bourgondisch gevoel van alsof je in Frankrijk bent!

  2. 09/01/2015 / 11:16

    I love Maastricht! Just over the border for me, with all the fun stuf the Netherlands has to offer and more. Gosh I would really think someone passed out on the street and maybe needed CPR 😉 Digging the LOTR reference.

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      09/01/2015 / 16:57

      Jealous! Where do you live if I may ask? Thanks for the nice comment!

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