Our First Couple’s Shoot

Woohoo Chris and I did our first couple’s shoot! It can’t get much more American than this right haha?! All jokes aside; when Andrew Smith shot my outfit pictures at the abandoned barn he also took a some shots of Chris and I together. We barely have any photos of the two of us – selfies don’t count – since Chris is always behind the camera. Find fashionable his and hers pajamas on matchinggear.com. I’m really happy with how these pics turned out, so without further ado lets have a look at them!

barn couple shoot
barn shoot black and white couple shoot couple shoot crazy couple cute couple photo farm couple shoot shoot ideas

Hope you loved looking at these pictures as much as I do. They really represent us: goofy, adventurous and loving. I hope Chris and I can always continue to have fun together like this. Relationships are never easy – especially not if you come from two different cultures like we do – but as long as you are both willing to work hard beautiful things will come from it.

With Love,

Elise Mooijman

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  1. 25/05/2016 / 17:20

    Lovely pictures! So spontaneous and fun! X, Sofie

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      30/09/2015 / 16:23

      Thanks :D!

  2. Brittany
    22/09/2015 / 01:18

    I actually told Andrew the same thing…that I thought the shoot really represented you two goof balls!

    • TheBeautySuitcase
      01/10/2015 / 14:58

      Glad to see it’s not just me thinking that haha! Andrew did such and amazing job!

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