My Top Three Vlogging Families

Some people have their favorite TV shows, I have my favorite vlogging families on Youtube. Especially when I’m very busy like now I love to watch daily vlogs whenever I take a break or at the end of the evening after a long day of work. Today I want to share with you in random order my three favorite vlogging families.


Let me introduce The SacconeJoly’s: Jonathan and Anna Saconne Joly have an absolutely adorable two year old daughter named Emilia, a very cute baby son called Eduardo ‘Wardo’ and six Maltese puppies. They are Irish, but live in London.

Where do I start? Would it be silly to say that I just really love this whole family? Jonathan and Anna have a great dynamic. Both are very funny in their own way. Emilia is only two, but is already able to have a pretty impressive conversation. Both children just seem so lovely and well-behaved. I also really love this family, because I can relate a lot to Anna personality wise. She seems to do and like a lot of things I do and like.


The stars of ItsJudyslife are Judy, a Filipino-American in her twenties, her husband Benji who is of Irish-Japanese descent, their two-year-old daughter whom they affectionately refer to as ‘Julianna Bear’ or ‘JB’ and twin girls ‘Miya Bear’ and ‘Kira Bear’. They live in Seattle (USA) and have been vlogging for many years now.

Judy and Benji are a very fun couple. They keep it very real by filming all their highs and lows. Their girls are also super adorable. I mean as a girl having three daughters is something that I definitely wouldn’t mind if I where to have children in the future (and if Chris manages to convince me that we should have more than one child haha).


The ‘cast’ of AprilJustinTV consists of April, Justin, their adorable baby son Liam and their three cats Mister Bob, Charlie and Sunrise. They live in the bay area of California.

Happiness is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about AprilJustinTV. April and Justin and even their baby son Liam always seem to be smiling. Of course they also have their sad or angry moments – which they also put on the vlog – but in general they just seem like a very happy family. April proudly refers to herself as a crazy, which I of course like being a fellow crazy cat lady!

Do you follow any vloggers? If so, did you know the above families? 

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With Love,

Elise Mooijman


  1. 12/01/2015 / 23:58

    I love the Saccone Jolys! I’ve been reading Anna’s blog since she and Jonathan got married! Of course I couldn’t get enough and started watching the vlogs on Youtube when they found out they were expecting Emilia and haven’t stopped since. Such a lovely family!!
    The Saccone Joly channel introduced me to Judy, although I never started following. I’m not sure why, because they are also a great family. I’ve never heard of AprilJustinTV, and I will have a look from your recommendation!

    Thanks for sharing some vlogging families!!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

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